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Leerburg Articles Sigma-Aldrich Pseudo Narcotic Scent

Sigma-Aldrich Pseudo Narcotic Scent

Sigma-Aldrich Pseudo Narcotic Scent

LSD Formulation

Product No. P1334

SIGMA PSEUDO LSD FORMULATION is a canine training aid which can be used in training situations where the handling of potentially toxic, controlled substances would be inappropriate, such as initial training of a new dog or when train rig or demonstrating in front of large crowds. PSEUDO LSD is designed to mimic the odor of illicit lyserglic acid diethylamide (LSD). SIGMA PSEUDO LSD, like all SIGMA PSEUDO- products, is field tested and proven to provide the same canine response as authentic LSD, without the hazards.

While the actual formulation of PSEUDO LSD is proprietary, we can say that it is composed of a simple mixture of non-controlled chemicals. There are no narcotic constituents, no narcotic effects, and it cannot be processed in any way to develop narcotic properties. There is no worry of diversion to clandestine use and the product is much safer for the dog and handier than the authentic illicit drug.

A note of caution: authentic lysergic acid diethylamide is a dangerous compound. Please familiarize yourself with its properties and develop proper handling procedures before incorporating authentic samples of LSD into the training exerciser.

After opening, SIGMA PSEUDO LSD will stay fresh for at least six months if tightly capped and kept in the freezer. The shelf life will be shortened if it is not kept frozen. We suggest removing only the amount that will be used that day, and returning the remainder to the freezer. When product is removed from the tightly capped bottle in the freezer, the odor will start to diminish. The speed of the odor loss is dependent upon temperature, humidity, air movement, and packaging. A sample removed in the morning should in most cases last several hours.

We recommend that once a sample of product is removed, it be discarded. Do not return it to the original bottle of product that you keep stored in the freezer. We make this recommendation for two reasons: First, the odor of the product removed from storage may have diminished, so by returning it you would in effect be diluting the rest of the product in storage. Second, once a product has been removed from storage there is a greater chance that it may get contaminated with extraneous odors. Returning it to the storage bottle could contaminate all the material with the unwanted odor and increase the possibility of long term association by the dog.

Sigma also offers PSEUDO Canine Training Aids for cocaine, heroin and marihuana detection. For search and rescue training we offer SIGMA PSEUDO Corpse Scent, (Formulations I and II), Distressed Body Scent and Drowned Victim Scent. These formulations are effective, convenient, and easy to use.

We hope you will find our SIGMA PSEUDO products very useful and very convenient. If you have any technical questions or questions about package sizes or pricing, please call toll free 1-800-325-3010.

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