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Medium Tugs

Medium Tug

Medium Tug
Medium Tug
Light Leather Harness

Synthetic Medium Tug
20" Long x 8" Circ.
This item is no longer available. Product #1065
Leather Medium Tug
20.5" Long x 9" Circ.
This item is no longer available. Product #1187-1

Training tugs are a very important part of working a dog in training. Many people think they are only used for puppy work. These people are wrong. The shorter tugs are a great training aid for drive building and are used throughout the life of the dog.

Tennis balls are very, very hard on dogs teeth. Bite tugs are a much better alternative. Bite tugs are also much better than solid hard rubber balls on strings. When a young dog is accidentally hit in the head with a hard rubber ball he will lose drive. When the same dog gets hit by a tug he ignores the situation and continues to chase in drive.

The tugs we sell are made of the best synthetic fabric and leather available. I choose to have my tugs made from this fabric to get as much durability as possible without unnecessary wear on the dog's teeth. It's a balancing act. The Leather we use won't harm your dogs teeth and can withstand even a mature grip. It is strong and durable.

The tugs vary in length and diameter, which one you use will vary according to the goal of your training.

Drive building in adult dogs is always done with the smallest tug. These tug have one handle or two handles. It can be moved very, very quickly. The goal of drive building with a small tug is to move it around your legs and body at a speed that the dog can not get at it. Moving them around in short quick movements forces the dog to move quickly if he has the drive to catch it - when the dog misses the tug it builds frustration and frustration builds drive. Using the longer tugs does not work because the dogs are too quick. It's too easy for them to grab a long tube or the second handle on these longer tugs. So it's much easier to play "keep away" with this smaller tug.

The longer tugs are actually used for puppies. I offer two different sizes. They are both close to the same length but Medium Tug is much smaller in diameter. Its easier for the very young puppies (8 weeks) to get their mouth around. When a pup gets to be about 6 months old (its mouth is larger) they can be moved on to the Larger Tug.

If you want to see how the puppy bite tug is used, I suggest you view my videos titled Bite Training Puppies, The First Steps of Bite Training, and Building Drive and Focus.

Colors may vary.

WarningNo toy is 100% indestructible. It is unrealistic to expect that from any toy. The toys that we sell at Leerburg® are the best quality and most durable that we have found. Always supervise your dog when playing with toys. Periodically inspect all toys for damage. Do not allow your dog to continue to play with a damaged or broken toy.

Product Reviews

Older Reviews

June 19, 2008


Your tugs are the best quality I have seen. Last week I bought a jute tug from a different store. Four months a go I bought a Medium Tug from you guys. The jute tug was torn up in less than a week. I couldn’t believe it I paid fifteen dollars for it. But you tug is still like new. I will be buying more stuff form you in the future.


September 2, 1999

I just received the puppy tug I ordered from your kennel. Without a doubt it is the best tug for young puppies. A quality product all the way around. Keep up the good work.

Romeo Ingreso

June 26,1999

Mr. Ed Frawley,

OK, with all due respect to the Almighty One, you are the dog god!

I recently ordered the six foot leather leash, the dog comb/rake, and the video regarding puppy bite training. You were absolutely correct when you said the Flexi lead is well worth obtaining. I intend to purchase another in the near future for my older dog. The dogs love it and so do I. It makes our daily walks all that more enjoyable since I'm not constantly reeling in my long line and they don't get entangled with each other. Makes controlling them much easier.

The six foot leash is as good quality, if not better, than any higher priced leather leashes that I've owned or seen in stores - at nearly half the price! At least here on the West Coast. For a quality leather leash a few years ago. The leash you sent me has that "broke in feel" already and it's just as strong and as well made, again - if not better since it is just a little bit thicker leather with more stitching, as my old leash.

The dog rake is GREAT! I've used all kinds of gizmo's to groom my dogs and this rake will replace them all. It removes tangles and dead hair both effectively and easily. When I say my dogs blow their coats in a major way, I MEAN THEY BLOW THEIR COATS!! It takes me AT LEAST half the time to groom my dogs and it does a far better job than anything else I've used up now. And my dogs LOVE IT! It doesn't scratch or irritate their skin like other brushes/rakes I've used - even on my five month do puppy.

The video? Very informative, down to earth, and based on common sense. If you knew my teenagers, you would appreciate this even more. They sat enraptured at the TV screen for the entire video. I almost fell off my chair when they mentioned, more than once, "I didn't know that" or "That makes a lot of sense." Coming from my "Know it all" boys...well I should have recorded it.

The ladies who processed my orders are great too. They sold me only what I needed at the time and advised me when I should make further video purchases.

Trust is a difficult process for me, I'm a cop, but I can tell you that your company has won my trust. I need to tell you that I don't normally write these kinds of letters, but when I discover a company such as this, I think it deserves a little bit of praise. It's refreshing to find a company that actually offers and sells services and products that are indeed as superior as it claims. I feel confident in recommending your company to friends and encouraging them to surf your web pages.

Thank you,

Robert Green

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