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Leerburg Articles Building Search Test

Building Search Test

North American Police Work Dog Association

Building Search Test

This test is designed to be simulative of a working situation. Three (3) basic types of buildings are selected and described for use on this test. The Master Trainer will accompany the team to observe the entire test, as could happen when a backup officer or superior officer would accompany the work dog team during an actual search. Officer survival tactics should be considered. Revised 06-19-88


1.) Residential dwellings
2.) Warehouse, armory, barn, open areas within the building
3.) School, hotel, office building, multiroom interior


1.) Will be hidden ten (10) minutes prior to the test start.
2.) Will be hidden in a place of concealment which is not visible to the work dog and handler.
3.) Will wear protective sleeve if necessary for protection.
4.) Whenever possible, will be a person unknown to the dog, and not normally used in training with the dog.
5.) Should be changed after each team completes their search.
6.) Should be brought into the building by way of a different route than that to be used by the dog and handler.
7.) Will be placed in concealment at any height.
Revised 6-19-98


1.) Will designate the area of the building to be used for the test.
2.) Will designate the area in which the team is to begin their search.
3.) Will accompany the team into the building and must be able to observe the test. The Master Trainer should make every effort not to interfere with the test, and should confer with the handler to reach an agreement so as how not to disturb the dogs work, follow behind, observe from doorways, ladders, etc.
4.) When it is obvious to the Master Trainer that the dog is not searching for the suspect, the Master Trainer will inform the handler of the failure for this test. Revised 06-19-88


1.) This test may be done off leash. Equipment normally used, collars, harness, etc., may be used.
2.) Confer with the Master Trainer prior to the test and agree on how the Master Trainer will observe the test (see Master Trainer section of this test, Rule #3).
3.) The handler will accompany the dog throughout the test, and may encourage his/her dog with commands and praise as needed.
4.) In NO case will the handler open any doors that are closed within his/her search area. Rooms with open doors should be searched thoroughly.
5.) The dogs indication of the find of the suspect must be obvious to the Master Trainer. If the dog indicates that the suspect is behind a closed door, the handler will inform the Master Trainer of their observation. Revised 06-19-88

All tests given the K9 team will be on a pass/fail basis. The Master Trainer will determine if the team will be certified upon the completion of the test. The handler and dog will be considered as a team and it is the team who will be certified. If the dog changes handlers, a new team exists and the team will need to be certified.

This certification will be valid for two (2) years from the date of issue as defined in Certification Validity paragraph. A schedule of fees may be imposed on the team to pay for expenses for holding this test.

This section reviewed 6-22-97

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