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Leerburg Articles Obedience Control Test

Obedience Control Test

North American Police Work Dog Association

Obedience Control Test

This test is to determine if the police work dog is capable of performing off lead obedience exercises. The test is designed to test the dogs ability and proficiency and the handlers total control over his/her dog.


The police work dog team will be tested in the following three (3) phases:

1.) Heeling phase
2.) Walking phase
3.) Distance phase

Each phase may be tested in any order and will be judged on a pass/fail basis. All phases will be done under direction of the Master Trainer. No cruel or abusive corrections will be displayed at any time. If such is observed the Master Trainer will note same and forward to NAPWDA Headquarters for file information.


The heeling phase of this test will consist of the following exercises:

1.) Normal pace
2.) Fast pace or double time
3.) Slow pace or half step
4.) A minimum of two (2) right turns; two (2) left turns; two (2) about turns.

Each leg of the above must be a minimum of thirty (30) feet long. The different phases may be conducted on any leg. On one leg of the course, the team must heel through a group of stationary people, group minimum of three (3).


The handler and dog will begin from the "Finish" position and walk forward together. At a point designated by the Master Trainer, the handler will place their dog in a stay position, (sit, down, stand), and continue walking. This is to be done without breaking stride. At a point designated by the Master Trainer, the handler, while continuing to walk away from his/her dog, will command his/her dog to heel. The Master Trainer will instruct the team to "About Turn" and then to walk forward. At a point designated by the Master Trainer, the handler will stay his/her dog, (sit, down, stand), and without breaking stride, will continue walking. At a point designated by the Master Trainer, the handler will turn and retrieve his/her dog and return to place of origin.


At a point designated by the Master Trainer, the handler will leave his/her dog in a "Stay". At a distance of no less than fifty (50) feet, nor more than seventy five (75) feet the handler will be directed to turn and face his/her dog. At the direction of the Master Trainer the handler will complete the following commands:

"Sit and Down" (by VOICE)
"Sit and Down" (by HAND)
Revised 06-19-94

Choice and order of command or signals will be at the direction of the Master Trainer. The Master Trainer will then instruct the handler to recall his/her dog by hand or by voice. At a point prior to reaching the handler, the Master Trainer MAY direct the handler to stop his/her dog by voice or by signal. (Note: Stopping the dog may be either by a down, sit or stand command). Upon completion of the "Stop", the Master Trainer will direct the handler to recall his/her dog to the "Finish" (heel) position by voice or signal command.
All tests given the K9 team will be on a pass/fail basis. The Master Trainer will determine if the team will be certified upon the completion of the test. The handler and dog will be considered as a team and it is the team who will be certified. If the dog changes handlers, a new team exists and the team will need to be certified.

This certification will be valid for two (2) years from the date of issue as defined in Certification Validity paragraph. A schedule of fees may be imposed on the team to pay for expenses for holding this test.

This section reviewed 06-22-97.

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