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Trainer Accreditation

North American Police Work Dog Association

Trainer Accreditation

Members wishing to be accredited as a Trainer of Police Work Dogs must conform to the following:

1.) Obtain an application packet from the NAPWDA Secretary. The packet will include instructions as to what is required and one copy of the NAPWDA Critique Sheet. The critique sheet must be completed and signed by at least two master trainers before the complete application package may be sent in for consideration.

**NOTE** All incomplete application packages and packages not received postmarked by the deadline will not be considered and no written tests or oral interviews will be conducted by the Accreditation Committee at the Executive Board meetings. Adopted 11-15-97

2.) Applicant must be a Regular Member in good standing of the North American Police Work Dog Association for at LEAST three (3) years. Revised 06-19-94

3.) To apply for and be accredited as a NAPWDA trainer, the applicant must be a full time law enforcement officer who is either that department K9 trainer or handler for at least 2 years; or is a retired law enforcement officer and was the departments full time K9 trainer for at least 2 years. Adopted 6-26-98 Full time means a minimum of 40 hrs. per week and must receive full benefits from the employing agency as do all other full time employees of that agency. Adopted 6-26-98

4.) Applicant must be sponsored, in writing, by an Accredited North American Police Work Dog Association Master Trainer.

5.) Applicant must have assisted and tested with an Accredited North American Police Work Dog Association Master Trainer in at least two (2) accreditation tests where all phases have been tested.

6.) Anyone applying for accreditation of NAPWDA Trainer must bring a K-9 before the Accreditation Committee and show all phases of the status that he/she is requesting. The only exception would be if a quorum of the Accreditation Committee has observed the applicant's dog(s) in a different location, they may make a recommendation based on their knowledge. Adopted 11-02-85

7.) An Accredited North American Police Work Dog Association Trainer may not qualify a police work dog for accreditation.

8.) The applicant must have a written letter of recommendation from at least one NAPWDA Master Trainer. All Master Trainers who write a letter of recommendation must at least include in that letter the following:

(8.1) List any certifications that you (the master trainer) have done of this applicant and their dog or K9 teams they have trained.

(8.2.) State the approximate number of hours that you (the master trainer) have worked with this applicant.

(8.3) Your (the master trainer) personal knowledge of the applicants participation in any NAPWDA functions.

(8.4) Any other relative information you (the master trainer) may have about the applicant.

The applicant must have two (2) copies of the complete application package to the NAPWDA Accreditation Chairperson at least ninety (90) days prior to the Executive Board meeting. The Accreditation Chairperson will do a NAPWDA background check to make sure that ALL NAPWDA requirements have been met and then forward a complete application package to the NAPWDA Secretary. If the application package is not complete, the NAPWDA Accreditation Chairperson WILL RETURN THE ENTIRE PACKAGE TO THE APPICANT advising what is missing. If the application package is complete, the Accreditation Chairperson will send a written letter via certified, return receipt requested mail to the applicant advising of: the receipt of the complete package; the date; the location, and the time that the applicant must appear before the NAPWDA Accreditation Committee and the Executive Board. Including in the applicants application package will be:

(8A) A current collar photograph of the applicant, no larger than a “polaroid” size, must be submitted with the completed application package. (Adopted 6-20-98)

(8B) At least one letter of recommendation from a NAPWDA Master Trainer.

(8C) Their current resume accounting for his/her practical experience with working police dog, their length of time as a handler/trainer, copies of applicable certificates, etc.

(8D) His/her reason for applying for the accreditation

(8E) A copy of their training course (curriculum) he/she offers for the training of police work dogs. It MUST consist of a minimum of four hundred (400) hours.

(8F.) All applicants must submit a signed waiver so that all employment information can be verified by the NAPWDA Accreditation Board. Adopted 11-15-97

(8G.) Applicant must submit with their application package the following items:

1.) A letter on department letter head stating dates of his/her current employment, position and job description and must include a list of dogs trained by the applicant for his/her department. This letter will state whether the training of this departments dogs was a complete training course or regular maintenance training.

2.) Applicant must include a letter on department letter head from any and all departments for which dogs have been trained by the applicant. This letter will state whether the training of this departments dogs was a complete training course or regular maintenance training. Adopted 11-15-97

9.) Applicant must pass a written and oral test before the Accreditation Committee. Revised 06-19-88

10.) Upon initial accreditation as a Trainer, applicant will serve a two (2) year interim period. Revised 06-19-94

11.) The Accreditation Committee has the authority to order a Trainer to appear before the accreditation board in response to any formal or informal complaint(s). The Accreditation Committee also has the authority to temporarily suspend the Trainer privileges and rights until the Trainer appears before the Accreditation Committee or until a formal grievance is filed and the respective procedures followed. Adopted 10-28-95

12.) Said accreditation may be REMOVED and REVOKED at any time by this Association for "Just Cause" after a full investigation and hearing is held by the North American Police Work Dog Association Accreditation Committee. Revised 06-19-94

13.) Accreditation will be valid for two (2) years from the date of issue and MUST be renewed by the applicant in writing at least prior to the Executive Board meeting, as long as the member remains in good standing and remains active. Active is defined as: Attending at least one (1) NAPWDA State or National workshop biannually and/or assists in conducting multiple NAPWDA certifications yearly. Non compliance to number 13 will result in the following:

First Offense: Suspension of ALL Trainer privileges for a period of 60 days, beginning immediately.

Second Offense: Suspension of ALL Trainer privileges for a period of 1 year, beginning immediately.

Third Offense: Immediate Termination of Trainer Accreditation. A letter will be sent via certified return receipt requested US Mail to the trainer notifying him/her of the suspension and that they have two weeks from receipt of said letter to comply. A noncompliance will result in Termination of their Trainer Accreditation. If the letter is returned unaccepted or marked as undeliverable these rules remain in effect and will be carried out. Any and all time lost through suspensions will not apply towards time required for Master trainer Accreditation Added 6-13-99
Revised 6-13-99

14.) NAPWDA dues must be paid by March 31st of each year. If the dues are not current by the date then any and all NAPWDA accreditation’s and or elected positions for NAPWDA are immediately null and void. If dues are paid after March 31st all accreditation’s must be reapplied for as required by their respective rules.

A current resume update WILL be submitted in writing to the NAPWDA Secretary no later than January 31st of each year, beginning in January, 1997. Revised 6-22-96

15.) Classifications of Trainers:

a.) Police Utility Work Dogs
b.) Police Narcotic Detector Dogs
c.) Police Explosive Detector Dogs
d.) Police Bloodhound Tracking Dogs
e.) Police Cadaver Detector Dogs
f.) Accelerant Detector Dogs
g.) Wildlife Detection Dogs

Revised 06-13-99
This section reviewed 06-13-99

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