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Leerburg Articles Training Area Accreditation

Training Area Accreditation

North American Police Work Dog Association

Training Area Accreditation

1.) Accredited training areas must have an agility course available.

2.) Accredited training areas must have an area which will accommodate a minimum of three (3) article search areas available.

3.) Said course must have tracking areas available. The area will consist of both hard and soft surface areas and may vary with geographical areas with the approval of a NAPWDA Master Trainer.

4.) Said training areas must have available to it suitable buildings for training and testing of dogs to search a building for a hidden suspect. These buildings do not have to be on the premises, but must be readily available.

5.) All of the above with any deviation must meet with the approval of a NAPWDA Master Trainer.

6.) Application for an Accredited NAPWDA Training Area must include an outline of the area, courses available and photographs of the facilities. An Accredited NAPWDA Master Trainer will review, inspect and investigate the application and make his/her recommendations to NAPWDA headquarters. Upon approval, an Accreditation Letter will be issued and the name, address, etc., of the Training Area will be included and published in the NAPWDA Accredited Training Area List.

7.) Said accreditation may be removed or revoked at any time by this Association for "Just Cause" after a full investigation and hearing held by the NAPWDA Accreditation Committee.

8.) Accreditation will be valid for two (2) years unless moved, modified, or changed in any way, then a recertification will be required at the next Executive Board meeting.

9.) A schedule of fees may be imposed upon the applicant requesting accreditation or the renewal thereof. Fees will be established by NAPWDA Headquarters with the approval of the National Executive Board.

*** NOTE *** All fence jumps and the trestle walk (under the boards) may have a clear Plexiglas backing to aid in the prevention of injuries to the K-9.

This section reviewed 06-22-97

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