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Leerburg Articles Wildlife Detection Accreditation

Wildlife Detection Accreditation

North American Police Work Dog Association

Wildlife Detection Accreditation

This test is designed to determine the proficiency and reliability of dogs in the detection of wild game (wildlife). As defined by the NAPWDA wildlife detection rules for testing, the minimum acceptable level required to pass is 91.6%.

The general rules for testing wildlife detection dogs will be as follows:

1.) The "Reward toy or object" used during a wildlife detection certification test, to reward the dog upon finding a wildlife hide, WILL NOT contain any portion of the target wildlife.
2.) All odors attempting to be certified in WILL be hidden in ALL areas tested in.
3.) All searched will include a minimum of one (1) blank uncontaminated area to be searched, e.g. vehicle, room, area, etc…
4.) Testing will be conducted in at least three (3) areas.
Areas of concealment are:
a.) Area (a minimum of 150 square yard). Mandatory Search
b.) Vehicle (which can include automobiles, water craft, aircraft, etc…) Mandatory Search
c.) Other (building, packages, lockers, luggage/containers…)
5.) Quantities: For large species, (described as anything whose potential adult weight is 100 lbs or greater) scent materials will be no less then ½ lb in weight. In case of smaller species the recommended scent materials will be no less then an ounce in weight. This ultimately will be at the discretion of the Master Trainer based upon species size and availability.
6.) Testee must provide verifiable testing material. For large game materials must be taken form the upper torso of the animal. Pseudo materials WILL NOT be used for certification purposes.

6.1) Methods of verifying test materials:
a.) Certificate of authenticity form a recognized laboratory, Veterinarian, or wildlife biologist.
b.) Scent material must be reasonable fresh as determined by the Master Trainer.

7.) Alert of the dog must be described in advance to the Master Trainer and be obvious to the Master Trainer when displayed.
8.) Only one (1) miss total overall of all odors attempted to be certified in, will be permitted for a successful "pass" certification.
9.) A "team miss" is defined as any incorrect response by the K9 Team.
10.) The Master Trainer will place the aids in locations unknown to the testing team. Hides may be high or low.
11.) The Master trainer will allow 20 minutes set up time before start of the exercise.
12.) When testing in three (3) or more odors of wildlife, a minimum of one (1) hide of each odor attempted to be certified in, will be hidden in all areas tested in.
13.) During motor vehicle searches, there will be two (2) hides per odor tested. At least one hide will be on the interior of a vehicle.
14.) If only one (1) odor is attempted to be certified in, there WILL be a minimum of 4 hides within each test area.
15.) If two (2) odors are attempted to be certified in, there will be a minimum of 12 total finds (2) hides of each odor in motor vehicle searches, (2) hides of each odor in
area search, and (2) hides of each in an "other" test area.
16.) Time limits on searches will be at the discretion of the Master Trainer and so long as the Master Trainer determines that the team is still working.
17.) Wildlife successfully certified in will be listed by their "Scientific" name (Genus Species) on the certification certificate.

***NOTE: There will be a break between each phase of the testing areas.***

All tests given the wildlife detection team will be on pass/fail basis. The Master Trainer will determine if the team will be certified upon completion of the test. The handler and dog will be considered as a team and it is the team who will be certified. If the dog changes handlers, a new team exists and the team will need to be certified.

This certification will be valid for two (2) years from the date of issue as defined in Certification validity paragraph. A schedule of fees may be imposed on the team for expenses for holding this test.

Adopted 6-13-99

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