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Leerburg Newsletter A Dog with a Special Talent

A Dog with a Special Talent

Email About this Video:

RE the Chica video:    5 1/2 years ago I took a retired mini poodle breeder -- a wild animal -- into my home. I took it on as a training exercise for myself. She feared everyone and everything. Couldn't get near her. Within a few months she was diagnosed with bi-lateral glaucoma and together, the vet and I decided to simply remove her eyes as she was almost blind anyway. It took her less than a month to gather control of the house, yard and every other dog living here. Her fight or flight was disappearing at a fast rate and she became very eager to learn all of the obedience competition games. If she heard another dog working she wanted to be included. She worked hard all on her own to say that she wanted to be loved and a part of things. She was never leash trained but now heels about 6 inches behind my left leg. She sits, downs, fronts (almost straight), finds her stool and jumps right up on it with front paws to play 'get it in', never misses the approved potty spot, chases a tennis ball and brings it back, finds her dinner hidden in the yard etc. Everything the trained competition dogs practice, she trys to horn in on. She might just do it a little different, that's all. She jumps into my chair and dares me to tell her 'off'. I move things around all the time - doesn't seem to slow her down. She is a dog and I expect her to work at being that. She is happy to do the job of being a dog. Dogs don't use their eyes as much as we might think they do. They use their nose and other senses, right. If Lizzy bumps into something she just keeps waggin that poodle tale and going for greatness. She came to me at 5 and she will be 11 this spring. It took loss of her sight to give her strength to go on and be a domestic dog. She raised a GSD puppy from 7 weeks. He will be 5 next year. Giving her a puppy is how I found a road into her mind all of those years ago. This BC in your email is remarkable but so is any dog given the chance to excel at being a dog. Kudos to the BC's owner for playing and training and keeping her in the hear and now.

You all take good care,
Just another dog trainer.

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