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Question: How do you deal with the owners of loose dogs that charge up to your puppy?

Owners of loose, undisciplined dogs apparently take it deeply personal when I prevent their charging dogs from "saying hi" to my 3-month old Malinois. It's always "Oh, they won't hurt him" and just now, it was "your attitude needs an adjustment, young lady." I haven't had to kick any (out of a grand total of five dogs) yet, but I can just imagine the city-wide outcry that would follow if I dared to use anything at all beyond body language. These have all been full-sized or full-sized plus obese dogs, by the way--four labs and something really big, ugly and curly, not a single owner raising anything but their voice, and that at me, not at their precious dogs. The "in training" line, given as politely as I can, was what got me advised to adjust my attitude. I'm a hoodlum for using a leash, apparently. This happens where I live. In town. I don't do dog parks.

How do you cover your butt in the event of some owner reporting you? Especially when it's America's Favorite Breed vs. Me.

Cindy's Response:

I wouldn't worry about it.  What are they going to report you for?  All you do is say " I was afraid for my safety, those dogs were loose and threatening me & my puppy." Whip out your phone and start taking video of their dogs, that's what I do.  

I just heard a great idea on the radio, carry an umbrella. (One of the quick release kind).  In the event of a dog charging you, pop the button and use it to block the dog from yours.  It breaks the eye contact, makes a physical barrier and can be used as a weapon in case of an emergency too.  You may want to practice popping it open around your puppy a few times, so it doesn't freak him out. 

Cindy Rhodes

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On Leerburg's Roni Ball

After I purchased Building Drive and Focus DVD from Leerburg I went on a quest to find the Roni Ball as mentioned in the video. You should practice putting movement into the ball by yourself before trying to just jump in it with your dog, no matter the drive of the dog. This is an EXCELLENT TRAINING TOOL! I've had mine for a little bit over a year now :)

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