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  January 3, 2013
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Beginning Bite Work with Idole, David and Michael Ellis

Beginning Bite Work
with Idole, David, and Michael Ellis

This short video of beginning bite work features a young Malinois from one of Michael Ellisí litters after a December 2012 seminar held at our facillity in Menomonie, WI. Idole lives in North Dakota with owner, David. David learned all the foundation skills & mechanics to train Idole from the Michael Ellis series of videos produced here at Leerburg.

January 3, 2013   |   2 Minutes, 36 Seconds

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Question: When Iím walking my puppy and itís time to turn for home he plants himself and refuses to budge. Using marker training methods do I correct him, drag him, lure him, formally call him, or what? I donít want to have a fear motivated dog, what should I do?

My wife and I have an 18 week old Bull Mastiff (our last dog was also a BM). We have had him for 8 weeks. We purchased your video on puppies from 8 weeks to 8 months as well as Michael's video on training with food. We also have your Basic Obedience video. All of which are excellent. I have watched and re-watched. Today I ordered Michael's Recall, Tugging and Motivation videos. I read your eBook on marker training and totally agree with the concept and have been trying to apply the principles and concepts in the book and videos. I watched enough already online from the recall video to answer some of my questions. When my pup is on the flexi lead for a walk and it is time to go home he will just plant himself and refuse to budge. Using marker training methods do I correct him, drag him, lure him, formally call him, or what? I know that I can be harsh and make him do it, but I don't want to have a fear motivated dog. I would like to have a bond that I didn't have with the last dog (and my wife did).

Cindy's Response:

I would use a high value reward and lure him. You can also make yourself much more interesting to the pup and put forth some energy and movement, puppies generally love to follow so don’t drag or correct him. You might also be interested in the video Establishing Puppy Pack Structure. We just released it this past summer and it may give you some ideas.

Enjoy your pup!

Cindy Rhodes



Thanks so much for your reply. You guys are the greatest. I am a huge fan of what y'all do. I just didn't want to jump off the ledge, start doing the wrong thing and screw up all the marker work (still on engagement and recall) that we have been working so hard on. My new videos are due to arrive tomorrow and I am excited. I am sure I will end up getting the pack structure one also.

Thanks again

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Bottle Feeding Article

I am so grateful for your puppy milk recipe. After 2 days of trying to feed them vet formula, I can across your site. I was desperate to find something to keep my 1 week old staffy pups alive. I fed them the milk I made from your site and they lapped it up. They were full but wanted even more. Thank you for saving our 5 little puppies. I will be sharing your recipe with everyone and anyone.

Thank you,

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