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Leerburg.com January 6, 2011
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Rush Training Send Aways at 11 Months of Age
August 2008

I filmed this video back in August of 2008, when Cindy's dog, Rush, was just 11 months old. We were doing our normal training when this cat walked up. It is not our house cat. Rush makes a few mistakes in his send away training, but for an 11 month old puppy it's pretty darn good. I ended up using this footage in the DVD I am editing at the moment, Training the Send Away with Michael Ellis.

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Featured Question & Answers

Question: At what age of a first dog do you think it is okay to acquire a second dog?

I've read your article on not raising two puppies together, but at what age do you think its okay to acquire a second dog?  



That’s something that varies from one dog owner to the next.  It depends on the training and progress with the original dog and how much time the owner can devote to the second one.

I would say a good rule of thumb is to start evaluating the situation when the first puppy is around 12-18 months old.

Sometimes earlier, sometimes later.  I like to have my dogs about 3 years apart in age, so that I have the majority of training in place before starting with a new pup.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our article on Raising Two Puppies at the Same Time.


Question: Will a longer antenna add distance to the Dogtra collar range? Will the original length probes be long enough?

I bought a Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star Electric Collar & some DVDs from you. We love it and it was a real blessing for our 2.3 year old trained German Shepard "MAX".  He was trained earlier for the older couple who owned him before us, then shoved outside when their other small breed dog objected to him being in the house.

When we got him home we brought him inside and he's been great except for the fact that the trainer let him jump up on people. That was one of the reasons that we bought the collar, and for refresher training.

Two questions: Will the six inch antenna add to the 1/2 mile range that Dogtra says is the unit's range and will it fit the unit? Will the original length probes be long enough or should I order a longer size?

Oh, by the way two short training periods today with the collar and the "off" command has improved his jumping up behavior all ready.



I just got off the phone with Dogtra. Putting a longer antenna on the collar will not give you more range. You would have to buy a different unit that has a bigger range if you need more than ½ mile.

As for the probes, if they are making contact then they should be fine. People with very thick or long coated dogs usually go for the longer ones.

Cindy Rhodes

For more information on this topic, see our Q&A on Electric Collars.


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I have been a frequent visitor to your website for the last few months, and purchased a number of products from your website, all of which I am very satisfied with. This newsletter just gives me one more reason to think very highly of your company. I wanted to thank you personally for your support of and appreciation for our military members and their families, and for your son's service to our country.

My two sons graduated together from Marine boot camp at Parris Island, SC in May of 2009. In April of this year my then 18 year old son deployed to Afghanistan as a machine gunner. As I am sure you know, it was a very hard time for all of us. In a rare phone call last May, he asked my husband and me to visit his platoon's Navy corpsman who had been shot in the head at Bethesda Naval Hospital. He was shot while saving two other Marines' lives. We gladly did so and were so moved by what we saw on 5 East at Bethesda. We began to get more involved with the families of these brave young men.

I have raised two service dog pups to date, and was able to take my last pup, Dave, to Bethesda (as well as Walter Reed Army Medical Center) to visit the guys and their families, and was amazed at the "magic" that he was able to do, bringing many smiles to people's faces. Big tough Marines would pet him and talk about their dogs back home, and younger siblings were delighted with the distraction from spending their days on 5 East.

To shorten my story here, after seeing what a visit from my future service dog did for these guys, and seeing the huge need for service dogs amongst the amputees and TBI victims. In July I became involved with a fellow puppy raiser (and service disabled veteran) in starting a new organization called Veterans Moving Forward, devoted to providing service, therapy and comfort dogs exclusively to our veterans and wounded warriors.  While we already have several released service dogs working as therapy and comfort dogs, I am currently raising our organization's very first assistance dog in training, Josh. Josh was named in honor of a good buddy of my son's who was killed in Afghanistan last May.

Although Josh is my third assistance pup in training, I have found your website invaluable in boning up more on raising and training a pup. I own several of your training videos and plan to pull from them as we recruit more puppy raisers to help them get their pups off to the best possible start, as well as to build our own training manual.  Your streaming videos are a treasure trove, and I greatly appreciate your detailed explanations of so many of  your products.

Again, thank you for your support of our military.  Please check out our website at www.vetsfwd.org

I have attached a picture of myself with my youngest son at his homecoming from Afghanistan on Sept. 29, as well as a picture of our service pup Josh after a wreath laying at Quantico National Cemetery in Virginia.

All the Best,
Mary Jane

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