January 13, 2017

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Raising Your Puppy with Michael Ellis - Developing an Active Training Partner

Regardless of your ultimate training goals, everything must start with how we raise our puppies. How do we interact with them at a young age while they learn what is appropriate behavior? How do we teach our young dogs how to live in our home? How do we develop the drives needed to train in specific disciplines? In this DVD, world-renowned dog trainer, Michael Ellis, will teach you exactly how he does just that.

The DVD starts off with how to select and pick your next puppy. From there, we will dive straight into bringing your puppy home, management, and socialization. Michael covers everything including how to set up your home, how to prepare your puppy for veterinary visits, and how to successfully live with a working dog in your home. A common misconception in the dog training world is that working dogs cannot live in your home and still perform at the highest level. Michael will dispel that myth with personal experience and examples. You will also learn how to introduce the home to your dog and separate it from the rest of their formal training regimen.

This DVD is going to give you the training skills you need to develop your puppy into an active training partner.