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Leerburg.com January 20, 2011
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Forrest Micke Working Donna Matey's 7 Month Old Puppy on Upper Body Bites

Forrest Micke Working Donna Matey's
7 Month Old Puppy on Upper Body Bites

This video is of Donna Matey's young pup, Eager, who is only 7 months old, learning how to do upper body bites on Forrest Micke. Mark Keating also helps work Eager on leg bites.
January 20, 2011 | 3 Minutes, 45 Seconds

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Leerburg Garage Sale!

Check out Leerburg's Garage Sale of Ed & Cindy's old training equipment!

Over the past 15-20 years Ed & Cindy have collected a very large amount of training equipment. It kept adding up and they have decided to sell it in a garage sale. This will not be an ongoing event, just a one time event.

We will be taking photos of the rest of the equipment, so there will be a number of additional items added tomorrow!

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Question: I have a dog who is acting strange with her pups. If I only let her with them to feed, how often does she need to feed them? Is this the best thing to do?


I have a female dane who just whelped 2 days ago and some things just don't seem right. She licks them too frequently, aggressively and vigorously and their stomachs are raw and I know they need this to poo and pee, but I have whelped a number of litters and never had a mother do this. She steps on them heavy footed she laid on one and did not move even though the pup was screaming. Usually after a female steps on one she starts tip toeing around, this one does not. Last night I heard her growl, I went to the box and there was a pup sucking on a nipple not completely formed and then she snapped at it twice. I'm afraid to leave her alone with the pups. She's very attentive and feeds them well but something is wrong with some of her behaviors. 

If I only let her with them to feed, how often does she need to feed them and do you think this is the best thing to do?

Thank you in advance


She needs to be checked by a vet to make sure everything is ok. I would also have the vet check her calcium levels. Eclampsia (low blood calcium) can cause aggressive or unusual behavior in females who have recently whelped.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Breeding.


Question: My dog sometimes limps, we had him xrayed and the vet said everything looked okay, just some slight atrophy. What would you suggest?

Hi Cindy,

I'll try to make this short.  We live in a small town in Texas. Our family dog, Luke, limps sometimes and really gives in to his right rear leg. Took him to vet several times and finally asked him to xray his leg. He said everything looked okay just some slight atrophy in his hip but nothing to worry about. Of course that really worried me.

Luke has been on a raw diet since he was 12 weeks and is not over weight. He is large for breed and weighs 53 lbs. He runs and jumps a lot playing with balls or other toys. We are not a very active family so I'm sure it is not over exercise but he does love to jump and turn flips in the air. Sometime he is fine but almost daily now he limps or holds up his leg. He doesn't show signs of pain when I manipulate his leg. How can I tell if it is a pulled muscle or something worse? Does massage help? 

I've been reading your articles since we got Luke and know that our vet is not the only vet that does not agree with our decision to feed a raw diet and we disagree regularly about medicine and "special" packaged food. I've been okay with that until now but I'm really worried about Luke. I have lost faith in our vet. The nearest vet on your list is about 3 hours away.

He seems much too young and active to have anything atrophied without it being a problem. Any insight would be so appreciated. Thank you for all the information you provide and the hours of fun I've had watching and listening to you both. I expected Ed to be so tough after reading some of his articles but then I watched him on the DVDs!!



Did the vet only xray the lame leg or did he do hip xrays?  If he only xrayed the affected leg, I’d find a vet to do complete hip films.  Here is an article about this.

Regardless of what the xrays show, I’d start supplementing him with salmon oil & Vitamin E.

Soothe Joints
Comfort aches  

It could be a muscle, tendon, joint, bone or ligament issue.  No matter what the vet says atrophy of muscle in a young healthy dog is something that should be figured out.

If you take the dog to a new vet, just make sure they know how to take proper hip films.  Print the article and take it with you if you need to.  Good luck! 

Cindy Rhodes

For more information on this topic, see our Q&A on Marker Training.


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I have to say I was skeptical about a muzzle made of plastic and equally skeptical I'd find one that would fit my crazy Basinji mix's weird nose. I purchased a Jafco muzzle, size 2 for him and it's been a breeze to get him adjusted and now I'm not worried about anyone getting hurt. It is a very nice muzzle and you may have saved my dog's life. (I am,  of course, training with him too.)

Thank you very much.

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