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January 21, 2013
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Andrew Ramsey Varying Rewards

Andrew Ramsey Varying Rewards

Andrew Ramsey discusses the importance of changing your reward. This is not only applicable to Nosework, but all forms of dog training.

January 21, 2013   |   1 Minute, 6 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: I'm thinking about a prong collar but I've seen from your videos that they can come apart? What type would you recommend and how would I use it so it doesn't come apart? Why don't you recommend quick release prong collars?

Hi Cindy! Hope all is well. You've given great advice to me in the past regarding raw diet and such, amongst other things, which made a huge difference in my dogs lives. I'm very grateful, thanks for that. So now I have another question, & figured, there would be no other person best to ask but Cindy. It's regarding the prong collars. I don't have sound on my computer so it's hard for me to watch the videos. I have tried everything in existence to stop my dog from pulling on the leash. There is nothing I haven't tried. I have a female German shepherd, & walking her is almost impossible. My boss told me about prong collars & how they work for his dog(a springer spaniel) who isn't nearly as anxious as my dog but nonetheless he swears by it. I noticed that your videos show that they can accidentally fall apart? So how would I use it so that it doesn't? What is the difference between stainless and chrome, which is better? And why don't you recommend quick release? Thanks again.

Cindy's Response:

We don't recommend quick release because they can get accidentally unclipped very easily.  With that said, any prong can come apart if the prongs get bent or it isn't clipped properly. We heard of too many cases of dogs that got loose when the quick release failed. I like the stainless steel prong collar because they don't rust and hold up better.  We recommend the use of a back up collar so if the prong fails, the dog is still clipped to a solid collar.

You can use a flat buckle collar or a slip collar, whichever you prefer.  We also offer prong collar leads that have one snap for the prong and one for the back up collar.

Cindy Rhodes


Oh my goodness, this helps a lot, never new about back-up collars. Thanks so much.

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On Leerburg's Last Week's Newsletter Q&A


I agree completely with your comment regarding the need for a fence/physical barrier to keep your dogs safe. Just wanted to offer a slight difference way of looking at the issue.  Whenever my husband and I walk our dogs, we usually walk in the street since the sidewalks are uneven. Every time a car gets near (at night that is as soon as you see headlights), we tell the girls "Hup" and we all get up on the curb and walk on the sidewalk.  What we now see is that our girls do this automatically, usually before we tell them they are letting us know the car is coming. By no means is this the answer to your reader's questions. It does give me me a little peace though. I hope that if any of our girls ever gets out without us, I hope we have ingrained in them the importance of getting out of the street if a car is coming.

Thanks for your wonderful advice and products!

The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

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