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January 28, 2013
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Border Collie Zoe & AMAZING Dog Tricks!

Border Collie Zoe & AMAZING Dog Tricks!

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Question: Which videos should I order to begin training with my puppy? Also, in regards to training with food and the e-collar, do you do one or the other or can you combine the two?

Hello Cindy,

My name is Mark, I have a wife and two girls (9 and 14) and I want to purchase another German Shepherd towards the end of 2013. My last Shepherd was killed some 12 years ago and it was hard to recover from that but it is now time to get a son back in my life. My last Shepherd had some basic command obedience schooling but now I want more training and protection skills for my future boy now that I have a new wife and step children. I want them to understand the rules and role of a dog. So I have enough money to purchase probably five or six DVDs and would like to know your opinion on the ones that I should start with that are the backbone of the beginnings of training a puppy. Also on question in regards to training with food or training with E-Collar, do you do one or the other or can you combine the two?


Cindy's Response:

Hi Mark,

First of all, we do all preliminary training with food regardless of our goals. The ecollar can be introduced later, once the dog has a vocabulary of commands he completely understands. I would say for most dogs this is when they are at least a year old, maybe older (depends on the dog and level of training).

For a puppy that you wish to raise as a family dog with protection skills I’d recommend the following to get you going.

Your Puppy 8 weeks to 8 Months
Establishing Puppy Pack Structure
The Power of Training Dogs with Food
Foundation of Puppy Bite Work
Teaching Protection Skills Without a Decoy
Training the Recall

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes



Thanks so much for the fast response and for your helpful advice and guidance. There is so much info on your website my head was spinning and had no idea on how to approach the matter.



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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's The Power of Training Dogs with Food DVD - Version 2

I just finished watching this video. I own the first power of training with food with Michael and wondered if I should buy this or not. All I can say is WOW, this video is great!!! I have watched the first one 6-8 times because there is a ton of info in there. This second video does a fantastic job of isolating the fundamentals of Michael's system and explaining how to implement them. I am glad I have both videos, however I would say this second food video is the best for someone trying to understand Michael's system and learn how to train with it. Kudos to Michael for putting this on video for us, and also to Ed and the rest at Leerburg for doing such a great job at producing this release. The audio and video are perfect.

The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

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