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Leerburg.com February 3, 2011
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Deb Hawkins and Vixen doing Send Aways with Michael Ellis

Deb Hawkins and Vixen doing Send Aways
with Michael Ellis

This 5 minutes, 20 second video is of Deb and Vixen doing send aways with Michael Ellis tutoring. Michael explains why some dogs can be sent long distances to a touch pad, while others need to have a reward at the end of the field. This video is part of the 3 hour training DVD I did with Michael titled Training the Send Away with Michael Ellis.

February 3, 2011 | 5 Minutes, 37 Seconds

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Training the Send Away with Michael Ellis DVD

Training the Send Away
with Michael Ellis

$65.00 | #227-D

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Check out Leerburg's Garage Sale of Ed & Cindy's old training equipment!
Ed is selling several of his old bite suits.

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Over the past 15-20 years Ed & Cindy have collected a very large amount of training equipment. It kept adding up and they have decided to sell it in a garage sale. This will not be an ongoing event, just a one time event.

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Featured Question & Answers

Question: We recectly found out that I am pregnant and two days ago one of our dogs figured this out for herself and has begun attacking our other dog anytime she comes near me. What should we do?


I came across you website while looking for answers to an issue with my 21 month old German Sheppard mix, Hannah. I read several articles and lots of Q&A's, but did not find an answer specific to my issue.

We have three dogs, Brandy a 13 year old German Sheppard mix, Lucy a 5 year old lab mix, and Hannah. We adopted Hannah when she was 12 weeks old from a humane society in the area, and quickly began training classes with her. She's very well behaved, follows commands and has never tried to show dominance in any way to humans. The same goes for her relationship with Lucy. She is very obidient with any commands Lucy gives her (which normally consist of "Leave me alone I don't want to play now"). However, in the last few months we have experienced issues between Hannah and Brandy. The first time we weren't sure what the trigger was, but Hannah attacked Brandy with almost no warning. With the second incident we realized food was the trigger and began feeding them separately with no further issues.

We recently found out that I am pregnant and two days ago Hannah apparently figured this out for herself. She has begun to attack Brandy again anytime she comes near me. When I am not around they get along great, we only have the issue when I am in the room with both dogs and this has never been an issue before.

We have been keeping them separate for now, but this will not work as a long term solution during my entire pregnancy. What should we do?



Your pregnancy doesn't really have anything to do with the dog's behavior.
Your lack of leadership is the trigger. You dog sees you as a possession (like the food) to guard from the other dog. this is extremely common behavior in dogs, and isn't linked to pregnancy at all. Add to that, the maturity of Hannah now. She's trying to act like a mature dog and assert herself in the family pack. I get a few emails a year from pregnant women who I believe think it's some kind of protective instinct the dog is showing when it's really dominance. Your behavior may be different since you became pregnant, so that may be sending some signals to the dog that you are "weak." Dogs instinctually try to be dominant or possessive over someone with weaker or less assertive energy. The fact that these dogs have recently started fighting for other resources tells me it's a progression of behavior that been left unchecked.

If you spend some time reading this section on dog fights, you’ll see that your problems are very common. I’ve received 6 or 7 emails just today from dog owners with very similar problems. If you don’t teach the dogs your rules, they can’t possibly behave how you want them to.

I'd keep the dogs separate for now, while you establish some CLEAR leadership and rules. Start with our groundwork program and Pack Structure for the Family Pet. This simple restructuring may be enough, but you may also want to view Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs.

You definitely want to have this all ironed out before the baby arrives. We also have a section on babies and dogs. Once the baby is here, you will have much less time and energy for training so you want to have solid rules and structure in place and things running smoothly.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Dog Fights.


Question: I have some questions about using an electric collar, can you help?

Hello Cindy,

First, thank you for the quality products and great DVDs you offer; we have purchased several items and have enjoyed everything we have bought. I have two questions pertaining to whining and digging. My GSD is not a big backyard digger, but he has seemed to find a few select locations where he likes to dig. We have not been able to catch him digging. Is this solvable with corrections or an E Collar? Can you recommend a solution?

Lastly, both of our dogs are compliant in their basic obedience, however, they both like to whine a little when they are put in Place or Down positions. Can you also recommend a solution? And again, thanks for your website, your products, and the service and advice you provide!



If you can't catch the dog digging without an ecollar on, the collar won't help solve this. Also, digging is a self rewarding behavior for dogs so
you may be able to stop it when you are present but even getting a correction for it won't likely stop him from digging whenever he's not supervised and in the mood to dig. I actually put a sand pile in my backyard and encouraged the dogs to dig there, since I knew they were going to do it anyway. :)

Whining is a sign of anxiety, make sure you are never rewarding or releasing the dog when they are making any type of noise or you will have actually rewarded the whining as well. You can also search our website for ideas on curbing whining.

Cindy Rhodes

Another Question:

Hi Cindy,

We purchased 2 Dogtra E Collars from you and also bought and watched the DVD, which is very informative. The DVD does not explain the use and the timing of using the vibration feature on the Dogtra collar. Just so we get it right, would you might outlining exactly how to use/time the vibration and nick buttons for obedience commands?

Thank You.

Cindy's Reponse:

I only use the pager function to test that my collar is receiving a signal from the transmitter, we don't use it in actual training. Some people do, but we do not so we did not include it in the video.

Cindy Rhodes

For more information on this topic, see our Q&A on Electric Collars.


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Figured I'd share some pictures of our two dogs enjoying their treats.

The little one, Woofles, hasn't quite figured out how to get the treat out of the ball yet; his method is to lick at it like a lollipop until enough dissolves that it just falls out. He can be a tricky dog to buy for as he has weird, weird fears (We got him one of the 'egg' balls, since he likes to chase things, but he was TERRIFIED of it. I took it out of the box and he ran to his crate with his tail tucked. After a few attempts to get him used to it, and with our other dog's disinterest in it, I gave it to a friend who has a beagle mix. Her dog just loves it.) of, well, of a lot of odd things, so it's nice to find a toy that isn't plush and doesn't terrify him.

The Elkhound, Tilly, figured it out in about 20 minutes (not surprising, she's the dog that can muscle through a deer skeleton like it was butter), but her jaw was so tired from the hard work of that and of eating the treat she got out, that she tends to leave the other half for another day. We've found, with her, it lasts longer if we freeze it after putting the treats in. She has to work harder to get them out. Tilly is difficult to find toys for; most she just ignores, including most 'guaranteed to catch their interest' sorts. This one, however, she just loves.


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