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February 6, 2012
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Leerburg Q&A

Question: Have any of your momma's continued to nest after having her babies?

Hi Cindy,

My miniature schnauzer delivered 9 puppies on Monday. She was very large before giving birth, so we anticipated a large litter and purchased puppy formula from our Vet. After delivery we were very concerned about this being such a large litter, and wondering if she would be able to care for each puppy. So on Tuesday we got involved and started helping her, by feeding the puppies the formula/supplement advised by our Vet. The puppies hated it, and just whined as we were feeding them, and they even started to lose weight. I'm not sure how I ran across your website, but on Wednesday, I saw the article on bottle feeding. I ran right out at lunch and purchased the ingredients and immediately started feeding it to the puppies. When I tell you they were lapping it down like it was a "hot fudge sundae"!!! ..... initially I really thought that some of your testimonies were over exaggerating, but Cindy, when I tell you that by that same evening when I went back to do the puppies second weigh in... they had already gained weight!! Even better, this morning I weighed the puppies and some of them have gained a full ounce!! Now that's a lot for a puppy originally only weighing 4 ounces!! I thought to myself that I must email you and the team and tell you that your web site is awesome, and that I will be purchasing several of your DVDs, products and books, and that I would love to subscribe to your newsletter if you offer one!!! Again thank you!!!

Just a quick question... have any of your momma's continued to nest after having her babies? Our Momma has her own bedroom with all of the comforts (quiet, her toys, old bed, and bones)...but she keeps either going under our bed nesting, or coming back into her room digging into the carpet in her bedroom and her whelping box. She even pulled a lamb skin bed I had put in her whelping box out into the hallway. Have you seen behavior like this before?



Hi Natalie,

Thanks for the nice email, I'm glad your pups are enjoying the formula.

I have added you to our email newsletter list, let us know if you don't start receiving it within the next week or so.

It's not unusual for females to continue to nest after having their pups, although each female will behave a bit differently. Just make sure she can't cover the babies with her bedding because they can be crushed or suffocated. For females that tend to dig and nest I actually duct tape their bedding down so babies can't get underneath. I just change it daily. It's kind of inconvenient but much safer for the pups.

Good luck with your litter.

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

on Thursday's Newsletter

So sorry to hear about the loss of Xando and the fire at Leerburg! On the other hand, the new website is beautiful to look at, and infinitely easier to navigate! Great job!



The new site looks great! Congratulations to Ed, Cindy, Jeff, the IT crew, and all the people and critters at Leerburg! You guys are the best!

I'm really sorry to hear about the fire and especially about Xando. My sincere condolences.


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