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  February 7, 2013
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Your Dog's Capabilities

Your Dog's Capabilities

Michael Ellis discusses some of the physical and mental limitations of dogs. He also discusses the limitations of both the dog and the trainer.

February 7, 2013   |   2 Minutes, 47 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: I have a 17 and a half week old German Shepherd pup. What supplements would you recommend I need to purchase to add to his raw diet?

Hello Ed & Cindy,

I have a now 17 and a half week old German Shepherd pup (from working lines) & wish to ask you guys exactly what supplements you would please recommend I need to purchase to add to his raw diet?

Many thanks

Cindy's Response:

I typically don't supplement puppies much except maybe salmon oil and vitamin e.

If you don't already have them I'd recommend the books Raw Dog Food and Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats. We give both these books to our puppy customers and rarely have questions about the diet. One of the newer feeding books we offer is Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs. This title covers homemade cooked & raw diets complete with recipes. I highly recommend all these books. Supplementation is also covered in these books.

Cindy Rhodes


Hello Cindy,

I just can't believe how quickly you always answer.

Incredible customer service.

I have often found companies in the USA reluctant to bother with anyone outside USA and would like to offer my highest congratulations.

I will recommend you to every dog person I talk to.

Kind regards

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Pack Structure Information

Just a quick note about a mistake I made with my big, intact male and the lessons I learned. In retrospect, I had let pack leadership slip big time and was tolerating small problems like getting in the trash. This was the rescue dog I got when he was a year old and untrained. One night he grabbed my dinner off the dining table. I got angry and did something I very well knew (when thinking clearly without anger clouding my judgment) was stupid--crowded him, yelled, and hit him with my knee. Of course, I got bitten pretty good on the leg--several small wounds, one big fang hole. Could have been much worse. My leg is just about healed now.

Lessons learned:
1. Pack management is full time, all the time. There can be no "It's all fixed now, no need to keep this up."
2. Anger makes you stupid, throws off judgment.
3. Keep a dominant dog collar on dogs like this all the time (my first one had worn out and I didn't replace it).

Of course, I went back to doing all the things I knew how to do, improved management, replaced the collar (thanks for the fast service!), established zero tolerance for the trash raiding and other small things, dog in crate when I can't directly supervise him, and we're back to where we were before I got sloppy.

Thanks to all your information, I knew immediately where I had gone wrong and how to fix it. Thank you so much for all you do!

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