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February 10, 2014

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A New Way to Train

A New Way to Train

Four years ago we introduced Leerburg On Demand. We felt, at that time, that streaming video was going to be the future of video production. With services like Netflix and Amazon Prime we are finally starting to see that concept come full circle. Every day, more and more people are starting to use streaming services rather than purchase or rent a DVD. The lower cost, no shipping, and instant access are just a few of the things driving customers to this new way of watching videos.

We did not want to stop at On Demand video access, which is why we created Leerburg Online University. Our goal over the past year has been to develop a platform that allows us to take our online experience to the next level. And this is how Leerburg Online University, or LOU as we refer to it as, was born.

The new platform allows us to incorporate not only entire DVDs, but also short training videos and demos, articles, podcasts, discussion forums, student video uploads, live chats, and most importantly, instructor interaction. These features, which would be impossible through a DVD, are what is going to set our online experience apart from every other training site out there.

Online training is not meant to replace the hands-on training you would receive at a seminar or a school Like Michael Ellis’. The idea is to bridge the gap between watching a DVD and attending a seminar. We can fit more information into a course and provide instructor interaction without the overhead cost of a seminar plus travel expenses. You can now learn in your own home on your own time.

We currently have two classes available, and are in the process of developing several more. We plan to offer a variety of classes ranging from from short, 1 – 2 week classes on marker training to a series of three 8-week classes on competitive heeling. Other courses will cover things outside of training, such as how to start your own boarding or dog walking business. The sky is really the limit when it comes to the type of courses we will be able to offer.

The first course we have already completed is our 6 week Basic Dog Obedience course. Each week is divided into a number of segments. The course has over 150 short videos that cover the most important aspects of learning how to train a family pet. These vary in time from 30 seconds and up. We have also included the streaming version of our 4-hour DVD titled Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet (which sells separately for $40.00) and the streaming version of our 3 1/2-hour DVD titled The Power of Training Dogs with Markers (which also sells separately for $40.00). This course is designed for people who are new dog owners and have never trained a dog before, as well as for those who have owned a dog for years but now find it's time to learn how to do a better job training their dog.

The second course, Leerburg’s Relationship Games, is going to be our first fully-interactive course. This course will be available for registration on February 19th. The course will encompass every feature we offer. Students will be able to post in the discussion forum and receive feedback from Mark Keating, as well as upload training videos for critique directly from their computer, smartphone or tablet. This is an 8 week course. You will learn 2 new games each week, except for week 3 when the recall is covered. We felt that the recall is by far the most important behavior to teach a dog. Therefore we dedicated the entire week to nothing but restrained recalls. By the end of this 8 week course, you will have an amazing relationship with your dog. All of our games have practical applications in themselves, and we have organized them in a way to help build the level of engagement with your dog. This translates into a dog who wants to be with you, wants what you have, and---most importantly---wants to learn. Training should be fun for both you and your dog, and this course is going to be fun and beneficial for both of you.

We are very excited to launch this new training system. We hope that our customers will be able to check out what we are doing and become just as excited. This is really a new way to train and learn as a handler, so take a minute and look through the information at

Leerburg Online University
Basic Dog Obedience - 6 Weeks - $99.00 - Over 150 VideosLeerburg's Relationship Games -- Registration begins February 19th, 2014

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: I am an obedience instructor and have a very large Cane Corso in my class. I'm unsure of what type of training collar to use.

I am an obedience instructor for my training club and I have a question about training collars for large breed, protective dogs. I currently have a 120 lb Cane Corso in my class and I'm unsure what type training collar I should use. The dog seems very mellow, but it was only the first class. I have experience with prongs and use them quite often with success. Since this breed of dog is known for aggression and because of the size and power, I really need help. Currently, the owner is using a plastic type prong, I think they're called "gentle" prongs. I'm thinking this might not get the job done.

Thanks and I really appreciate this website and your wonderful products!

Cindy's Response:

There is no "one size fits all" collar that I use based on breed.  I base the tools I use on the temperament and drive of the dog.  If the dog is responding appropriately with the collar they are using then I'd take a wait and see attitude. 

Cindy Rhodes


Thanks, Cindy.  I've never worked with dogs that are this protective before and I didn't want to use a collar that was inappropriate.  I think I'm going to direct them to your website to get a Herm Sprenger prong because I don't think this plastic and parachord "prong" they are using will hold this 120 lb dog back.  

Thanks again for your time,

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Prong Collars.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Wire Basket Muzzles

I received my size FF wire basket muzzle today, and I'm thrilled! It's a perfect fit for my female pit bull. Following your instructional video, I had her accepting the muzzle inside of five minutes. I took her for a walk just before she was due to eat dinner, so she was good and hungry. We were out of liver treats, so I diced some Genoa salami and used that to mark. Easy peasy!

Crystol in Alberta, Canada
(a very happy customer)
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