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February 16, 2015
Leerburg Online University
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Zogoflex Dog Toys

Zogoflex Dog Toys

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Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

I am very glad that I took this course! Despite previous contact with several instructors who used marker training, the explanation from this course was the most complete and valuable ever. Thank You! Ed Frawley's sincere regard for dogs and his sincere desire to be a great teacher is evident throughout the course. I also appreciate having the two videos included in the course (pack behavior and using food rewards). Yes, some of it was redundant, but there is so much valuable information that it was worth powering through it. The most valuable part for me was learning about engagement. I spent once a week all last summer with a Schutzhund trainer teaching my dog controlled healing without ever having my dog really engaged with me... an extreme waste of everyone's energy and definitely not fair to the dog. What a difference with my new 8 month old GSD now that I have her engaged with me. We are breezing through the exercises in your course and have moved on to The Power of Playing Tug (and having so much fun).

You could make the course better if you would review the test questions and answers. I think I have a clear understanding of the course material, yet I agonized over several of the questions/answers - an example would be the question where the correct answer was "touch" but not clear (at least to me) from the question if you meant hand touch or touch pad.

Also, a very clear, detailed picture was given in the beginning of the course of the active vs. reactive dog resulting from training methods. However, in Week 5 this became way too muddled when talking about corrections. Thank you again for an overall great course!

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: My dog barks ferociously at anyone passing my car when I’m not present. I’m considering a bark collar but I don’t want to inhibit his protective instincts. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello Cindy;

I have a 14 month old male german shepherd that travels around in the car with me all of the time. He is very good in the vehicle when I am present, but when I leave him unattened he barks ferociously at everything that moves within his view. I am considering putting a bark collar on him whenever I require to leave him in the vehicle alone. My concern is that I don't want this to inhibit his protective instincts in anyway. Your insight and suggestions would be much appreciated.

Cindy's Response:

I use a bark collar on my dogs in specific situations and it hasn't affected their protection instincts in any way.

Do you use a crate in the vehicle? If not, before I went to a bark collar I'd try crating him and covering the crate with a towel or sheet to block his view of things that make him bark. I'd always rather control the environment when possible, as opposed to correcting my dog for behaving the way dogs do.

Cindy Rhodes


Ok – Thank you. Very helpful.

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On Leerburg's Vibactra Plus

  I have used this product on multiple occasions; to treat UTIs in my dogs and to aid in increasing the immune system suppressed due to Ehrlichia. It was highly effective in all cases and I highly recommend it to friends and colleagues. This is a product I always ensure I have on hand for my furry friends.
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