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Leerburg.com February 17, 2011
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Michael Ellis Talks on Playing Tug with Young Puppies

Michael Ellis Talks on Playing Tug with Young Puppies

Because we get so many emails from customers asking what kind of toys to use when they play tug with young puppies, I chose to put out this short video on Michael talking about how important it is to select the right toy when you play with a young pup. He also talks about how important it is with puppies to play correctly.

February 17, 2011 | 2 Minutes, 44 Seconds

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Training the Send Away with Michael Ellis DVD

Training the Send Away
with Michael Ellis

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Ed is selling several of his old bite suits.

Over the past 15-20 years Ed & Cindy have collected a very large amount of training equipment. It kept adding up and they have decided to sell it in a garage sale. This will not be an ongoing event, just a one time event.

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Featured Question & Answers

Question: My dog won't bark for a bite, is that a problem? Is there something I should do?

My  9 month old Malinois will bite a sleeve, do an off leash bite and all, but no matter how long I wait to give him a bite he won't bark for it. Is that a problem? Is there something I should do? 


A lot of young dogs won’t bark as they are not really working in defense yet.  Defense is something to be introduced when the dog is mentally ready to handle it and your dog is too young.  Personally, I don’t worry about this.  I’ve owned many Malinois and never had one grow up and not bark.

You can teach the barking yourself as a game and then put it on a verbal cue (if you want to).  Here is an article on barking that may help.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Training Personal Protection Dogs.


Question: What is the best sequence to train using the Michael Ellis DVDs?

Dear Mr. Frawley,

I’ve been studying the DVDs you’ve made with Mr. Ellis, I’m missing the two last one’s that I’ll be ordering by the end of this month, but I’m a bit stuck.

Can you direct me to a training schedule, or better said a training sequence, to work with the dogs from scratch? I know that there cannot be a rigid sequence and that all must be adapted to the animal itself, but thinking about a perfect world what would it be the best sequence to train a dog.

I train my dogs in obedience and for the RCI sport.

Thank you very much and very best regards,


The training sequence should loosely follow the order of the M. Ellis videos. You can (of course) train heeling, retrieve, jumping and send aways simultaneously.

Before beginning any of that the dog must have a clear understanding of the foundation work, which is covered in the food and tug DVDs.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes

For more information on this topic, see our Q&A on Competition Obedience.


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First off, let me just thank you on all of the great stuff that I received in my last order.  The training DVDs where great, the treats where delicious (not speaking from personal experience, just what my dog told me), and the toys and training equipment where awesome. I'd been looking got a leash like the "police style" one that I got from you for YEARS! -and Ed wasn’t kidding about the quality of the leather and craftsmanship. The LED glow ball is also fantastic. Before finding it on your site I had actually been making my own, but was never able to achieve the same durability. My vet also exercises his dog at night and also had the same problem of loosing toys in the snow at night.  I showed him the led ball and he immediately order one too. He uses it with a chuck-it and says his dog goes CRAZY for it.

Thanks again!


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