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Club Seynaeve Bite Suit

Club Seynaeve Bite Suit

Club Seynaeve Bite Suit

All of our Seynaeve Bite suits are custom order and tailored specifically to the customer. If you have the luxury of being able to purchase your own suit, you will never regret ordering a custom fit suit. However, many people do not have that luxury. We have had many requests from training clubs and police departments for a “one size fits all" suit. This allows your club or department to buy a suit and use it interchangeably with a number of decoys. We took the average measurements from all of the suits we have ordered over the past 2 years and had this suit made. The jacket is a Kimono cut allowing for better upper body biting surfaces, and the pants are training weight.

Ordering this suit also allows the customer to skip the 8 week wait to have a suit made. We have one of these suits in stock and can ship it out the day of ordering.

It is recommended to review the measurements below and compare them to the decoys you would want to use in the suit. It is designed to work for someone between the height of 5’7” and 6'2” and an average to athletic body type.

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: We were wondering whether we should use "Yes" or the clicker to mark. Which do you feel is the better tool in the long run?

First I would like to commend you and thank you for sharing your great knowledge and experience in in such a easily accessible medium.  We have tried local training classes only to leave feeling frustrated with the lack of structure and the inability to engage with our pup during the lesson.

One question we have had as we have been going through the [Basic Dog Obedience] course is whether we should use "Yes" or the clicker to mark.  I know the answer to this depends somewhat on the dog, but I am wondering from your experience which you feel is the better tool in the long run.

Thanks again

Ed's Response:

You made my day in your comment on the course. I am very excited about the online program we have put together. It allows for instant updates, we can add to or modify information or even delete information as it become obsolete. Where as a DVD is set in plastic and there isn't any changing it unless you do a complete new DVD.

The answer to your question on the mark is that it doesn't matter if you use your voice or a clicker as long as you are consistent. We prefer to use our voice because we always seem to have that with us, where as we may forget the clicker when we are out training.

Truth be told, our dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. As they progress through training, dogs can learn a verbal mark and a clicker.  It's just better to teach one first then overlay the other.  I compare that to when I used to train narcotic detection dogs. In the old days we would train one drug and when the dog was solid on the first, we would add the second, then the third, etc.

Then we went the other way, we put 3 or 4 drugs together (like a cocktail), trained the dogs to alert on the cocktail. When they were solid we took one drug and hid it by itself. Guess what, all the dogs hit on the individual drug.

So, a voice and a clicker are not that big of a difference as long as you train them the same and show the dog that the MARK is the RELEASE.

I hope this helps.


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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's 2-Handled Leather Leash

This is by far and away, the only leash I will ever buy. I have had mine now for over 6 years and its still in great shape. Initially I had bought a nylon leash for my then puppy, and the clasp kept breaking... I went through several, complete waste of money, those nylon leashes. That is when I found Leerburg's 2 handled leash, it's the best leash bar none.

The value of this leash is so well worth it's price, because you won't need another one, unless you get another dog!

I love it so much I am going to give it as a gift to my friend who is getting a puppy. Don't waste your money on any other brand, this is the one to buy. The leather is so supple and the grip is great in your hand. For any large breed dog, I highly recommend the two handled leash, for control.

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