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Training Sit, Down and Stand with Michael Ellis

Throw Back Thursday
Training Sit, Down and Stand with Michael Ellis

This video shows Cindy teaching her 12 month old puppy the sit down and stand with different reward systems - both food and the tug. Michael Ellis offers advice on ways to improve Rush's performance. This video was filmed at one of Leerburg's Michael Ellis seminars in 2009.

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Question: When we take our dog to the beach she takes off and we can't catch her. Should we use a shock collar?

I have just recently discovered your training techniques for my 7 month old husky female. We got a prong collar on her a couple months ago, as per suggestion of our trainer to correct her pulling, but made a huge mistake in not correcting when she would not come when called. We thought that if she didn't listen, but then eventually came to us, we should not correct her because she is after all coming to us. Writing it now, I know that was the WRONG choice.

So now we have a pup that we cannot trust to come back to us when we call, which we know is our fault. When we go to the dog park or the dog beach, she takes off and usually takes about 10 minutes to catch. We have the long line on her now and are practicing the techniques from your videos-paying particular attention to "come." Do you recommend getting a shock collar since she has been able to ignore us so many times? Or do you think we can fix this with the prong collar training steps you use? Thanks.

Cindy's Response:

I would not go to the ecollar right now but would first go back to basics and teach the recall following the steps shown in the video Training the Recall.

In the meantime I would NOT allow your dog to continue practicing the wrong thing, I would skip the dog beach or dog park unless you keep her on leash 100% of the time. 

Cindy Rhodes


I appreciate the advise. It certainly makes sense. Thank you!!

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Hello! I just wanted to say as a Rottweiler owner/trainer/breeder I really appreciate your site and articles posted. I hope you don't mind I routinely post links to your website on our FB pages, as you have excellent information and DVDs. Thank you for having all the correct, fair, and education materials available for all to see/purchase!

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