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Leerburg.com March 9, 2011
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Track Laying for Police Service Dogs
(or S&R Dogs)

Originally $30.00 | $15.00
tracking dog

The hardest part about training a police tracking dog is finding track layers.

Every time you ask a new person to lay tracks you have to go through the same ritual. You explain all of the basics and all of the terminology for what needs to be done.

This video is designed to train your track layer. We cover how to walk a straight leg, double laying tracks, kicking corners, marking high to low vegetation, marking road crossings, marking fence crossings, and where to lay articles, along with much much more.

In my video titled "Training Police Service Dogs - Level I” I only spent about 10 minutes of a 2 hour training tape on how to lay a training track. This video spends 55 minutes on the subject.

Try Leerburg® Leather Tracking Articles with your training!

I have written a number of training articles on tracking thru drive. If you would like to read them I have placed them in the article section of my web site. See articles.

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