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Leerburg.com March 16, 2011
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Training the New Schutzhund Helper DVD!
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Protection Dog Helper  

Training the New Schutzhund Helper with Tom Rose is intended for the person that has never done agitation or helper work before. If you have a friend, relative or club member that wants to learn how to take bites, this tape is the place to start. It is not a dog training tape, it is a people training tape.

It begins with selecting the type of dogs to use on new helpers. There is also a short section on the equipment that is needed for this training.

The video begins by teaching the new helper how to take escape bites. The escape is broken down into 6 incremental parts. Each part is examined in slow motion and discussed in great detail. There are numerous examples by many helpers demonstrating the correct way to do this exercise. There is also excellent footage of the most common mistakes new helpers make as they learn proper bite work.

The new helper then learns how to drive the dog. There is a section on the skip drive and another on the running drive. We show new exercises to improve footwork without the dog. The helpers will learn how to put a dog in the pocket and keep him there. This is followed by a section on taking bites out of the blind, and then re-attack work. These are the most basic of skills, but they are fundamental to all future helper training.

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