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March 16, 2015
Leerburg Online University
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Living with Your Puppy ~ Establishing Pack Structure Intro

The first 8 minutes and 41 seconds of our new DVD titled Living with Your Puppy ~ Establishing Pack Structure. The first 8 minute introduction to this DVD will give you an idea of what information will be covered in the DVD. If you currently have or plan on bringing a new puppy into your home this DVD is a must watch for your entire family. This DVD is now available.

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Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

This is a great course! I had started a local obedience course with my 5 month old high-drive Doberman, thinking that the socialization would be good for him. However, the instructor was 90% punishment based - which did not seem to work for this puppy. I began your course concurrently and saw massive engagement in the very first training session! I quickly realized that the other 'in-person' program was negative training for Drago, so I dropped out (it was better to lose the money, than to lose the engagement of my dog!).

Though I have trained many dogs in the past, and also train horses and falcons, the Leerburg program has already given me many new tools and perspectives. I appreciate the balanced training approach and will continue on with other courses.

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: I have a 9 month old cockapoo that is almost house trained but recently he's been jumping up on my couch or bed and urinating. Is this dominance or insecurity?


I have a 9 month old male cockapoo who was recently neutered. He is almost fully house trained, but recently has been jumping up onto my couch and bed and urinating. He is fully eliminating, and has done it about 5 times. I am wondering whether this is a dominance issue, or an issue of insecurity. I have tried to keep him off the furniture but he will run into the other room and do it before I can get to him. I live alone but have a serious boyfriend who is usually around. I am unsure how to to establish pack leadership- should I be pack leader or my boyfriend? How do I establish that when my boyfriend is not around? I am mostly concerned about stopping the urinating on furniture.

Thank you

Cindy's Response:


Bottom line any dog that does this hasn't earned the privilege of freedom in the home. There is no such thing as being almost housetrained. You either are or you aren't. :)

I would go back to basics, the dog is on leash when in the house or outside. If I can't supervise with 100% of my attention then he would be in a crate or ex-pen.

It's not a dominance issue, it's a lack of understanding that the inside of the home is not a toilet. If he's running into the other room a leash will stop that behavior. He's showing you through his behavior he really doesn't understand the rules of your home.

I'd suggest our video Pack Structure for the Family Pet.
I'd also read through our house training section.

There are no shortcuts to this, the more often he is allowed to make mistakes the harder this problem will be to eliminate.

We have a number of ebooks that may be helpful. There is one specifically on house training issues.

I hope this gives you a place to start.

Cindy Rhodes


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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Happy Howie's Gourmet Meat Rolls

  My Cairn is finicky about his training treats, but he loves Happy Howie's Beef, Turkey, and Lamb. Happy Howie's treats are not greasy, they do not crumble in my pockets, and they can be sliced thinly without crumbling. No more greasy hands or clothing ruined by greasy, smelly training treats. What a WINNER!
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