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March 18, 2013
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Slow Motion Bite Work

Slow Motion Bite Work

2 weeks ago we had our new slow motion camera out at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, during his week-long decoy clinic. These are a few of the shots we were able to capture. It was a great week of training for both the students and the dogs. We would like to give a special thanks to all of the students in the class for allowing us to film the great expressions on their faces.

March 18, 2013   |   2 Minutes, 40 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: Your newsletter videos don't play well for me, but one of your recent ones did. Is there any way your videos could be done in a YouTube format?

Hi Cindy

Your newsletters are always very informative and helpful.  However, I have been unable to play your videos without constant stopping and stuttering until you sent out this video which played perfectly on my computer.  I can always play You Tube videos without a problem and other videos sent to me.

1.  Could you please send out videos that play like the ‘A Good Explanation of IPO’?

2.  Could your newsletter video clips be in a You Tube type format?

We live in the country in Ontario, Canada and have high speed internet but cable is not available in the countryside.  It is a major disappointment not to be able to play and learn from Ed’s or Michael Ellis’ video clips.  Is there a solution?

Hope Leerburg video clip department can help with this problem.

Cindy's Response:


All of our newsletter videos are  available on You Tube as well.  They are added there each time a new newsletter comes out.  Here's the link to the Leerburg channel:

I hope this helps.
Cindy Rhodes


Hi Cindy

Thank you so much for the link, it works like a charm. Now we can view all the different video clips we thought we had missed. Wonderful news.

Thanks again,

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Video on Demand.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Dog Parks Article

Hi there – this isn’t a question but a comment to say I am so thankful that I came across your website. And did so when watching a first aid course that discussed dog bites! Thankfully it was just part of the course and wasn’t something that I needed to attend to at the time. Reading your articles and the Q&A and some of the dumb a** statements of some people … let me share a story:

I live in Ontario. I walk my dog in a park area that has a leash by-law in effect (all dogs must be leashed or under the control of owners). I am stunned – absolutely stunned – by the lack of respect for other people and dogs, and the complete irresponsibility of some (most it seems) dog owners. While many of the dogs that come into this area are easy going and sociable and stay away from me and my leashed dog, there are other dogs who want to establish dominance and owners who are content to let them. I am so tired of hearing “you need to socialize your dog” when my dog reacts to another dog trying to come around us. I am tired of shouting to owners “call your dog off!” or “control your dog or put it on leash!” as I straddle my dog to protect him. I am heartily tired of having to shout to people “this is not an off leash area!”. I have finally contacted our community humane/animal services society after having yet another yelling match with an ignorant, inconsiderate, rude woman who thinks it’s OK for her lab to bark and bare its teeth at me and my dog. And if that doesn’t work, I have every intention of escalating this to our Town Council. In the meantime, I think pepper spray is in order and I thank you for the suggestion.

I couldn’t agree with you more about the stupidity of off-leash parks and would never dream of taking my dog there. When friends with dogs invite us all over, I respond no, thank you. My dog is happier at home.

Thank you so much! Please keep up the good work!


The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

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