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March 25, 2013
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Slow Motion Bite Work 2

Slow Motion Bite Work 2

This is the second video of slow motion bite work that was filmed at the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, during his week-long decoy clinic a couple weeks ago.

March 25, 2013   |   2 Minutes, 51 Seconds

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Question: My new Malinois puppy will not stop barking/whining and crying in the crate, she chews on the bars and throws a tantrum. I've had her for 2 days and 2 nights, do you have any suggestions?

Hi Cindy,

I just brought home an 8 week old F Belgian Malinois. I have 2 other dogs ... a 3.5 year old  F Rottweiler and a 5.5 year old M Boston Terrier, and so I’m pretty familiar with how to raise a pup.

But it seems that the Malinois pup is a bit more challenging when it comes to the crate. I’ve had her for 2 days and 2 nights. She goes in voluntarily and comfortably in and out of the crate, when the door is left open, but once it closes, she goes on a high pitch barking/whining/crying tantrum. At the same time she begins chewing at the metal door to get it open. I’m not sure she sleeps, as she’s been barking for 90% of the night for 2 consecutive nights. She does the same during the day if she goes in the crate.

When out of the crate, she’s chilled and usually sleeps on the tile on the kitchen floor or on her mat; but once she’s in the crate, she goes crazy barking.

I haven’t opened the door during her tantrum, as it will only be reinforcing her behaviour. I only open the door when she’s calm or sleeping. Oh and I also leave on classic music for her at night, but she barks through it.

My way of dealing with this issue so far is I’ve been ignoring her completely. I’ve also attempted to clap my hand, or bang hard on the table (without making eye contact with her) to startle her in the middle of her barking.  It didn’t work.

I make sure she has pooped and peed before going in the crate, waking up 3 times per night. When I place her in the crate, I reward her with food and allow for her to walk in voluntarily before closing the door. There is always a toy in there ready for her.

Today during the day, I decided to place the crate directly in front of the sofa where I was sitting and watching tv, and placed my Rottweiler on a down/stay beside her, so she’s surrounded with a familiar environment ... didn’t change a thing.  She was still going crazy. I’ve been sitting here for over an hour.

Any suggestions?

Cindy's Response:

Some puppies are very challenging during crate training. You need to be patient (I know it’s difficult). My current adult Malinois Rush was AWFUL in the crate as a puppy…for weeks. I had to put the crate in another room, cover it with a blanket and leave the room. Any type of visual stimulus or feedback from me (even clapping or anything) was enough to keep him yelling. We went to a puppy agility seminar and he was banned to the hallway of the building because he wouldn’t be quiet in the crate (he was about 10 weeks old at the time). I remember it well because it was so frustrating.

The great thing about Malinois is that they can work forever and be very persistent in getting what they want. This is also the horrible thing about Malinois. :) They are very persistent.

I’d continue with the ignoring and just wait it out. I feel your pain.

I’d also recommend using a crate more often or at least an ex pen, for her naps. The more she can spend time in there and be calm, the better.

We just released a video last summer showing how we raise pups in our home, Establishing Puppy Pack Structure. It may have some ideas for you.

Good luck!

Cindy Rhodes


Thanks Cindy
You're so right about the persistancy.  It's totally gonna come in handy later on. 
Have yourself a Happy New Year, and thanks again for your advise.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Walkeez Harness

Hi Cindy,

I have to tell you what happened.

A few weeks ago someone I train nosework with started talking about how she needed to get a better fitting harness for her Boxer. I told her I loved mine because I didn't feel it restricted the dog's movement like some do, and it is very comfortable. She liked it so I gave her your website.

Last week she came into class with her new harness, and told me how your website kept her up all night because she watched every one of the videos clips you had online and read a bunch of articles. She went on and on about how great your site is, and is planning on ordering some DVDs.

Just thought I'd pass it on. Keep the good stuff coming.

The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

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