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Introducing Tami McLeod
Leerburg's Newest Online Instructor

In this video we are introducing Tami McLeod. Tami is one of Leerburg's new online instructors. Leerburg and Tami are producing a course titled Drive Development for Competition Obedience. If you are an AKC obedience competitor, this course is built to help you build and maintain drive in your competition dog. The same goes for any other dog sport that requires a motivated but precise obedience dog.

The majority of the many videos used in this course have already been filmed and are now in production. This online course will be available in the coming months. Its release will be announced in our Leerburg newsletter. Tami McLeod has trained competition dogs for over 25 years. This video will talk about her experience and our work together. If you would like to contact Tami & her partner Chris Vaughn for private training, email

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Leerburg Online University Student Comment

Leerburg's Online Heeler's Toolbox I Course

[...]I did want you to know how much I love and am inspired by the class! My training buddies have noticed a big improvement in my motivation and I have noticed a big improvement in Stitch's! Go figure! You are the cause! You have me excited to train again! After doing this for 30+ years! I was bored and boring! You break things down into small components and then when you put them together, voila! Love it! Stitch hated the break, although I did need it! Thanks Forrest and we are really looking forward to the next steps! If you were in front of me I would hug you and Stitch would jump all over you! Bet your glad it's an online class right!

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: My 10 month old GSD is biting my ankles and jumping up and grabbing the leash on walks. How do I correct this?

Question if you would be so kind, I have a ten month pure bred West German show line German Shepherd from German lines. She is starting to rebel and a little difficult to control. On her walks she likes to bite her leash, jump and go after my ankles. I recently have started to tell her no bite, give a little more lead, and ignore her and she stops. But now on the walks she does this two or three times. Not sure if this is just a rebellious stage, play, or if she is challenging my leadership. I have tried to use some of the principles on your site and have recently purchased the Basic Dog Obedience DVD from your site. I have taught her to sit, down, and leave it commands. But the problem is with her jumping and biting the leash on her walks. She comes from a great kennel in Miami and strong genes. With her genes does she need stricter discipline and how would you recommend her corrections. Thanks for the assistance!

Cindy's Response:

It sounds like she's trying to make things happen. Jumping, biting and grabbing the leash can either be corrected away OR you could channel that energy into appropriate play with rules.

My choice would be to channel her energy and enthusiasm into games you can play together, but with rules for when it's acceptable to play and clear verbal cues for when to begin & end the games. It's easier to start this type of training when puppies are very small, just because they are a more manageable size.

If you haven't used marker training before I would suggest you read our article on training dogs with markers.

I'd recommend the videos:
The Power of Training Dogs with Markers
The Power of Training Dogs with Food
The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog

You could always resort to corrections later, but in order to preserve the relationship I always feel that it's best to work WITH their natural drives and tendencies.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes

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Have a question for Ed & Cindy? Try the Leerburg Q&A Search. If you can't find the answer to your question by using our search engine, you can email Cindy here at Leerburg at If you have your spam filter on, make sure you set it to receive our replies!!!

Customer Comments
On Leerburg's 2 Snap Agitation Harness with Handle
  I absolutely love this harness. I wanted a leather harness with a wide, padded chest, and this one was perfect! I have a big, strong dog that loves to pull on walks, and with this harness he doesn't choke himself to death. I also love that I can use the handle if I need to keep him close, for loading and unloading in and out of the car, etc. It's comfortable for him to wear and it's super easy to take on and off with the two snaps. I would buy another one of these if I were to ever get a second dog.
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