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April 7, 2014
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Rescuers find family dog alive in rubble of home destroyed by Oso mudslide

Rescuers find family dog alive in rubble
of home destroyed by Oso mudslide

Julie and Cory Kuntz and their son, Quinton, chose to spend last Saturday away from their Oso home to watch a baseball game--a simple enough, everyday decision, but one that would save their lives.

That morning, shortly after they left, the mountain that sits directly across gave way and a colossal mudslide washed away their home and more than 30 other homes in its path.

They were the lucky ones: they avoided the tragedy, but they lost everything.

They came back to their home town of Darrington to learn the news that all of us have been watching and reading. This mudslide leveled everything in its path: lives, livelihoods, homes, beloved pets - all gone in under 30 seconds.

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Question: Do you think marker training can be used to rehabilitate fearful feral dogs?

Hello, I have a question regarding marker training and feral dogs. Do you think marker training can be used in rehabilitating extremely afraid feral dogs? Thank you! 

Cindy's Response:

I think it would be the best method for any dog with extreme fear, feral or not. 

Cindy Rhodes


Thank you, Cindy! I have been using the marker training at a rescue (they specialize in rehabbing feral dogs and giving them a chance--as well as unwanted horses, ponies, cats, sheep, pigs, and rabbits). So far the marker training has worked excellently for getting even the most fearful, shy dogs to finally make eye contact and getting them to move toward me! Thought you'd appreciate some good news!

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On Leerburg's Ultra Baskerville Muzzle

113 Lb GSD... Great Muzzle. Has plenty of mouth room and fits very well. Comfortable for long use. Strong and durable.

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