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  April 24, 2013
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Question: I got a large prong collar for my dog and it slips down his neck during walking and training. If I take a link out, it seems too tight. Should I consider getting the chain portion of the collar shortened?


I have found your website very informative.  I ended up using a prong collar as a result, and so far I'm happy with the results.  However, I did have one question.

I have a large (3mm) collar for my German Shepherd mix.  Basically I took off enough prong-links that the collar fits around the jaw and below the ears, as it's supposed to.  However, there's still just enough play that it slips down during walking/training. The problem is that if I take away any more prong-links, the collar will be TOO tight, as in I can't even get it to snap closed without literally choking the dog.  Any idea?  Should I try to get a link or two removed from the "regular chain" part of it, and if so... any idea where I might go to get that done?

That said... my dog does seem to be walking well.  Actually both do, with prong collars.  There's still usually tension on the lead for the first 5 minutes or so of the walk, but as you'd expect, it takes almost NO force to give a useful correction.  And when they've seen a squirrel or a rabbit, they've of course "started" to chase, but don't actually really pull for more than a moment.  So I guess it's working, but still, I get the collar to stay where it's supposed to on my smaller dog, but not quite on the big one.  Any advice?  Am I over-thinking this, or do I need to find some way to get my chain links removed?  I did consider buying the smaller gauge collar and buying extra links, but it seems really dinky for my big dog.  He weighs around 85 lbs.


Cindy's Response:

I think I’d either settle for it being a little bit too loose or try the smaller link collar.  I’m not sure the benefits would be worth going through the hassle of getting the chain shortened (especially since you are happy with the results so far).

Some dogs are just “between sizes.”

If it’s working well for you, I’d probably just continue on as you have been.

Cindy Rhodes

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