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Day Trip Pack Vest

Day Trip Pack Vest

Leerburg Online University -- Leerburg's Relationship Games - Register Now! - Course Begins June 2nd, 2014 - 8 Weeks - $250 - 20 Person Limit - 50 videos & growing with each student video submission
Leerburg Online University
Leerburg Online University - Basic Dog Obedience Course - 6 Weeks - $99 - Includes over 150 videos - Click to watch the course overview video!

Student Comment on the Basic Dog Obedience Course

For me the most important aspect of balanced dog training was the necessity to control and manage all the different environments and distractions that can happen to a dog and handler. As a new trainer for my dogs it puts stress on me to go into new areas with them, now I am more secure and aware of what to look for and how to handle situations that might come up. I am definitely a component of reward-based balanced training and will be using this system with my dogs from now on out. I live in the Deep South where trainers still use compulsion training. I just don't like it. The dogs aren't happy. Reward- Based balanced training gives a dog an opportunity to grow in confidence, courage and intelligence and nothing could be better for all involved. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope to be able to take future classes as I progress in my abilities.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Dominant Dog Slip Lead

I am a professional trainer. I ordered a couple of these slip leads for back up leads if a client forgets or does not have basic equipment. However, after using the lead a few times I saw the benefit of using it as a sort of default primary lead with green dogs I don't have to dig through my equipment bag and find a choke collar that fits. Clients are really impressed in the amount of control this little lead gives them. It's also a great lead to leave on the dog in the house while supervised. It's light and generally stays out of the way. Unlike a 4 to 6 foot lead choke collar combo.

I have never used slip leads in my work (almost 25 years, yeah I know)...I am a traditional trainer and have always used a Martingale or choke collar. I have found that this little slip lead very useful and practical.

My only criticism is that it can be a little rough on the hand (nylon) if the dogs lunges or attempts to bolt...however I know that it is what it is. My next purchase from Leerburg will probably be the leather slip lead.

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