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  May 16, 2013
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Mark Keating with Red Star Kennels Puppy

Mark Keating with Red Star Kennels Puppy

This is a short video of Mark Keating taking a break during a decoy seminar last weekend to work with one of his puppies.

May 16, 2013   |   4 Minutes, 27 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: We rescued a 5 year old dog and for the first couple of weeks he was great. He is now growling at my youngest child and it's getting worse. It's hard to know what to do when all the answers I find on your website refer to buying a video. Is there anything you can suggest? We are willing to try anything.

I just rescued a 5 year old Lhasa and he was defiantly dissocialized in his last home with health issues. I have two boys who are 6 and 10 who are completely non aggressive and our environment is very tranquil. First 2 weeks were great but Chico has decided that he is a little higher in the pecking order and very loyal to me. Even though we have established a good routine if my youngest walks in the room and is just standing there he will run up teeth glaring and growling, ect... It is getting worse. I have read your articles and have found answers that we are working on but it's hard getting advice on the internet when it all refers to buying a video. Is there any thing you can suggest we really want this to work and are willing to try anything.

Thank you,

Cindy's Response:

Hi Pamela,

Your experience is pretty typical.  Rescue dogs behave well at first and most folks don’t establish firm rules and structure because the dogs “seem” so well behaved.  The dog then settles in and starts to assert himself, usually with behavioral problems or aggression.  I can almost guarantee that the aggression with your dog WILL escalate if you don’t make some big changes very soon.

The reason all the answers refer to the DVDs is because dealing with dog training issues typically require more info than can be given via email.  We created the DVDs due to the high demand of our customers for training they could do at home.  I can’t train people how to handle their dogs via an email.

I also feel the need to mention that producing and selling the videos is how we feed our family and pay the employees that work here at Leerburg.

I’ll suggest the videos and articles for you to review:

Here is  a section on preventing dog bites in kids
Start with our groundwork program

For videos I would suggest:

Pack Structure for the Family Pet
Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs
Basic Obedience

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Q&A from Monday's Newsletter

Bless you for your restraint, intelligence, and ethics.


Perfect answer to that crazy woman's question, ugh.


Dear Cindy,

I commend you for your recent response to the individual who wanted you to teach him how to make a dog people aggressive. I pray that no one will give a dog to such an irresponsible person. Although there is no breeder that I know who would sell/give such person a dog. Unfortunately, this individual probably will obtain a dog.

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