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Leerburg.com May 18, 2011
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Training Building Search for Police K9 Dogs DVD

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Police K9 Dog

Training Building Search for Police K9 Dogs

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One of the most dangerous tasks that any K9 handler faces is a felony building search. Training a police service dog to search buildings is also one of the most difficult jobs that every K9 handler faces.

This police k9 training DVD was done with the help of Kevin Sheldahl. Kevin is an International Police Dog Judge for WPO, DPO and PSP. He is also a full time K9 handler and head of K9 training for a large Sheriff’s Department in the South West.

The goal of our video is to show new police K9 trainers how to approach the task of training the building search. We will show handlers how to teach their dogs that the primary tool a dog must learn to use during a building search is his nose.

1. Too often poorly trained dogs rely on their eyes more than their nose to search a building.

2. Too often poorly trained dogs find the odor of a hidden suspect only to leave that odor and then never actually find the suspect.

3. Many police dogs find passive suspects in a building, but then fail to indicate or engage the suspect.

4. When dogs develop bad habits and miss suspects they expose their handlers to unnecessary dangers. Our video hopes to show handlers how to improve their training and reduce their personal risk during a building search.

This tape is not intended to teach handlers the personal tactical skills that they must learn to do a safe building search. I have two training videos that teach handlers how to safely search a building.

New trainers often underestimate the complexities involved in training their dog to do building searches. They tend to skip training steps because they assume that their dogs already have the necessary skills to do the work. Too often they are wrong.

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