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Using Dog Parks to Proof Distractions with Michael Ellis

Using Dog Parks to Proof Obedience
with Michael Ellis

Dog parks can be dangerous but they can serve a purpose. We use dog parks as distractions in order to proof our obedience exercises. In this video, Michael Ellis demonstrates how to utilize dog parks for this without putting his dog in harm's way. Watch as Michael works his dog, Pi, on positions and heeling while 2 dogs are running and fence fighting right inside the park. Michael never goes inside the dog park, instead he stays outside the fence and uses the other dogs to proof his obedience through distractions.

For more information on why we do not recommend using dog parks for anything else check out this article written by Ed Frawley titled Why Dog Parks are a Bad Idea.

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Student Comment on the Basic Dog Obedience Course

I was struggling with finding a training system that I was comfortable with. 100% motivational just got me so far. So I guess the most important thing I learned from here is when in training is it appropriate to use corrections, and the importance of engagement.

I am very pleased with having taken this course, and I hope you guys keep making more awesome courses like this one. Ed does a great job explaining everything, it's also great to have someone with so much experience explain things.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Top-Matic Fun-Ball

Great training tool! It's pricey, but holds up better than the copycats I've seen. The magnets too are well made and easy to use without being too bulky. It's not intended for heavy tugging/chewing. That's why I have tugs and others solid balls. It's a VERY versatile tool. I use it for healing, searches (running blinds for IPO people) and send aways.

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