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Leerburg.com May 23, 2011
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Why are Your Methods so Successful with High Drive Working Dogs?

Why are Your Methods so Successful
with High Drive Working Dogs?

Back in April, Michael Ellis was here at Leerburg to film a couple of new protection training DVDs. We filmed one of the foundation of protection training for puppies and adolescent dogs and another on protection exercises trainers can do without a decoy.

They will be out in the coming months of 2011 and will be announced in our newsletter when the editing is finished.

While Michael was here, we decided to post a request to our Leerburg Facebook page asking for training questions which we intended to film.

May 23, 2011 | 3 Minutes, 18 Seconds

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Dog Bite

To view these dog bite photos, click here.
Warning: these photos are very graphic!

We are always looking for photos of people who have been bitten by their dogs while trying to break up a dog fight. If you send us photos and the story on how the accident happened we will put them on our website with the hope that your mistakes will help other people realize how dangerous it is to try and break up a dog fight the wrong way.

Dog Bite:

My boyfriend and I took our Jack Russell/Pug to the dog park where he was in the pen with about eight other dogs and they were all doing fine. A large Pitt-bull/Terrier mix came into the pen with his owner and three children. It happened so fast--the attack, that my dog would have been killed if Chris, (my boyfriend) did not intervene. I know that Chris almost lost his thumb while saving my dog, but my dog, Tucker,  would have surely been dead if he hadn't. I think Chris was extremely lucky that he didn't lose his thumb or experience much more serious injuries, as once the jaws lock it's impossible to get them open. I'm not sure why the dog let go but Chris pulled our dog, Tucker up off the ground by his harness and that's when he got bitten. The dog was trying to latch on to our dog again after Chris got him off the ground. I was reading your advice on the web about breaking up dog fights and in retrospect it all makes sense. However, what doesn't make sense is going to a dog park in the first place because you never know what type of dog you'll encounter. That was surely Tucker's last trip to a dog park and ours as well!!!

Below is a picture of our little dog, Tucker (22 lbs.) who was prey to the larger aggressor who had to weigh about 130 lbs. Big dogs and little dogs don't mix.


Let me know if you need to know anything else. As of now we aren't sure about the prognosis of Chris's thumb--nerve, tissue, ligament damage etc. as it just happened yesterday. They gave him about 8 stitches but now we are learning that you aren't supposed to stitch dog bites. However, since this went down to the bone--they had no choice.

See the photos.

Have a Question on Dog Training?

Have you checked the Leerburg Discussion Board? It is one of the most active dog web boards on the internet. The Leerburg Web Board has over 16,500 Members with over 165 forums and 269,000 posts in its archives. The web board also has an excellent search engine that only searches the web board's 293,000 posts.

This Week's Featured
Question & Answers

Question: Our new dog has started to snap at people at the park and new people coming into our home. Would you recommend more training or should we find her a more appropriate home?

Hi Cindy,

I would really appreciate your input on a concern we have about our 4 month old GSD puppy. We purchased her from a breeder who breeds working line GSDs. She is crated every night, exercised twice a day and I have been working with her on basic dog obedience. We have a 6 year old lab that she plays with. We have tried to socialize her but she has started to snap at people at the park and new people coming into our home. We have a 3 year old son and we are very concerned that she will not be a safe dog to have around our sons friends let alone any new person she comes in contact with. I am willing to put in the time and effort that is required to train her but my husband is concerned that she will never be trust worthy and is ready to return her to the breeder. I understand from the FAQ section of your website that we need to train her to do the down/stay, to go to her crate and stay (with distractions/corrections). We have also been working on pack and rank corrections. I have ordered your DVDs on basic dog obedience and establishing pack structure with the family pet. Would you recommend to proceed with the obedience training or do you think that this is a situation where we need to find her a more appropriate home?

Thank you for your time.


Cindy's Response:

The videos you chose are good and will help a lot. In the meantime, I’d do some reading on our website.

I think you need to offer your puppy more structure and leadership as well as learn what socialization really means. I don’t put my dogs and puppies in the situation where they feel the need to snap. This is usually a fear response, someone is getting too much in their space or making them uncomfortable. I teach my puppy that if they follow my leadership, I will keep them safe from things that make them uncomfortable by asking people to ignore my puppy. I don’t know why everyone thinks they need to touch a dog that isn’t a member of their family. I get many emails from people who start “protecting” their puppy from scary experiences only to have the pups confidence and curiosity grow once they understand the humans in their family won’t let anyone barge into their space.

You can read this to get our definition of socializing.

I’d read the article Ed wrote on The Groundwork to Becoming your Puppy’s Pack Leader.

I would also recommend this 3 part video series on fear periods in dogs, it explains how to condition the dog to things that make it nervous.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Pack Structure.


Question: The prong collar is rubbing on my dog's fur creating a fur divot. What can I do to fix this?

Hi Cindy.

I have a four year old GSD that has been on a prong collar for the past three years. It's a large link version and I feel it is properly sized for his neck. He's in the prong whenever we leave the house regardless of activity: training, walking, or for a run. I started using the collar early on since the dog is very, very hard.

The problem I have is the collar has created a permanent fur divot in the right side of his neck. In the areas where the slip chain feeds through the circular links, the fur has abraded down to almost bare skin.

There are two concerns. First I'm afraid that the nearly bare spots may ulcerate if the collar use in continued. Second is the aesthetics of the issue. The dog has an asymmetric coat at the neck line. It's fairly apparent to me, and probably to others that know what they are looking at.

The latter issue is probably mostly my pride in an otherwise well confirmed dog. The former issue is more potentially problematic.

I'll add that the dog does apply a lot of leash pressure during walks. I could do more to correct him, but it's a lose-lose situation: pulling activates the prong, correcting activates the prong. If I corrected him enough he wouldn't pull, but he's a GSD! They're leaders.

What do you suggest?

D. F.

Cindy's Response:

If the hair is being worn off your dog’s neck I would suspect a few things. 1) the collar isn’t fit on the neck properly and it’s moving around to cause hair breakage 2) the dog is wearing the collar too much 3) the size of the links is wrong for this dog

I feel the problem is probably a combination of all of the above.

I would recommend at the LARGEST, a medium link for a GSD. The only dogs I would *maybe* use a large prong on would be a St. Bernard or similar size dog. I would also recommend looking at our prong page, if the collar is fitting the dog properly, there should not be enough loose chain to rub the hair.

Also, if the collar was fit properly, your dog would be more respectful of the collar and would not be as likely to pull. Using the excuse that he’s a GSD isn’t a reason to allow him to pull you. Dogs that pull into a prong collar usually do so because they’ve been desensitized to the feeling of the prong, instead of taught “leash pressure” as outlined in the Ellis heeling DVD ( I see that you ordered that last summer).

I think changing things like the size of the collar and placement on the neck may help your problems.

Cindy Rhodes

For more information on this topic, see our Q&A on Prong Collars.


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Nice Emails from Customers
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I really like your philosophy when it comes to raising dogs, and I'm hoping these videos will get me and my pup on the right track as I'm really hoping to do Search and Rescue with her down the road. Anyway, I'm glad that I was referred to your site by one of the leading dog/person SAR teams in my county... I'm learning a lot from your free information as well. Thank you very much for making this available to public!


Tell Ed he is the man!! My puppy is great to live with because of his knowledge and know how! We have so much fun together! I will continue to buy his DVDs and products through the many years of my dogs life.


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