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Leerburg's Relationship Games Online Course

Leerburg's Relationship Games Course

Whether you own a dog as a house pet or you are training in high level competition, establishing a working relationship with your dog is one of the most important prerequisites for any training regimen. Regardless of how you apply your training or the methods you plan to use, building a relationship with your dog must come first. This course will help you build that relationship through 8 different games, with training being the main idea behind each game while also making it fun for you and your dog at the same time.

Everyone can benefit from these games. We have presented them in a way that someone with no experience training dogs can understand the "what" and the "why" of the game. We have incorporated a plethora of information into each game, so an experienced dog trainer can learn new tricks to incorporate into their groundwork.

Each of these games will also help establish the ground work for many of your more advanced obedience behaviors. Each game also has many real-world applications. For example, the "food on the floor" game will help your dog learn impulse control and at the same time your dog will learn not to eat food that you drop or leave out. We turn the restrained recall, which is the foundation to a formal recall, into a fun game for the entire family. These games are meant to be fun for you and your dog, while at the same time offering huge training benefits.

This is an 8 week course. You will learn 2 new games each week, except for week 3. We felt that the recall is by far the most important behavior to teach a dog. Therefore we dedicated the entire week to nothing but restrained recalls.

If you already have the Relationship Games DVD that goes along with this course you will have a head start but there is still more to learn. This course will cover what is in the DVD along with more examples, instructor feedback, 4 new games, and most importantly, interaction with your fellow students.

By the end of this 8 week course you will have an amazing relationship with your dog. All of our games have practical applications in themselves. However, we have organized them in a way to help build the level of engagement with your dog. This translates into a dog who wants to be with you, wants what you have, and most importantly wants to learn. Training should be fun for both you and your dog. This course is going to be fun and beneficial for both.

Leerburg Online University
Leerburg Online University - Basic Dog Obedience Course - 6 Weeks - $99 - Includes over 150 videos - Click to watch the course overview video!Leerburg Online University -- Leerburg's Relationship Games - Register Now! - Course Begins June 2nd, 2014 - 8 Weeks - $250 - 20 Person Limit - 50 videos & growing with each student video submission
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Student Comment on the Basic Dog Obedience Course

This is a great course! I had started a local obedience course with my 5 month old high-drive Doberman, thinking that the socialization would be good for him. However, the instructor was 90% punishment based - which did not seem to work for this puppy. I began your course concurrently and saw massive engagement in the very first training session! I quickly realized that the other 'in-person' program was negative training for Drago, so I dropped out (it was better to lose the money, than to lose the engagement of my dog!).

Though I have trained many dogs in the past, and also train horses and falcons, the Leerburg program has already given me many new tools and perspectives. I appreciate the balanced training approach and will continue on with other courses.

Thank you!
Crista & Drago

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On Leerburg's JAFCO Regular Plastic Muzzle


Just wanted to say a big thank-you for the excellent muzzle. I took my vet-anxious dog to the vet yesterday and while I can see we have a long way to go to desensitize him, the muzzle did a great job at keeping everyone safe and making it possible for my 90lb Rhodesian Ridgeback to get the medical attention he needed. Even the vet remarked on what a great product it was and asked where I got it.

Thanks again,

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