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June 1, 2015
Leerburg Online University
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New Ask Cindy

Do you have a question about your dog but not sure where to turn for an answer? Or maybe you’ve found conflicting information and are unsure of whom you can trust. After all, you are going to be living with your dog for the next 10-15 years. We consider providing accurate information about how to train and care for your dog of the utmost importance.

Utilizing Leerburg's question and answer section on our website is a great resource. We have comprised a searchable database of over 3,200 unique questions submitted to us over the years. This database of questions is growing every day. Cindy receives a lot of emails and all of those that are unique questions are posted to the site along with the answers for other users to benefit and learn from.

If, however, you are unable to find the answer to your specific question on our site, we recommend that you ask Cindy directly. Those of you who have taken advantage of the free service in the past may have noticed a recent change in how your questions are submitted as well as how your answer will be delivered back.

We updated the ask Cindy portion of our site to make it more interactive and user friendly. Rather than simply sending an email, our new system allows for a back and forth dialog with one of the best trainers in the United States. This new system allows us to provide better and more specific information by truly getting to know our users and their dogs.

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Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience with Ed Frawley

All in all, it was a great course. I'd love to be the one with feedback to improve the course but I don't know enough or have the visionary expertise to deliver direction. The more Leerburg expands on the online university, the better off everyone will be.

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: My 2 year old dog needs to be crated when I am not home because he will destroy things and it makes me feel like a bad owner. I will be purchasing an ecollar, would it be ok to use it to teach him what he's not allowed to grab?

Hello, I have a two year old Belgian Malinois that I'm currently in the process of training. My only problem is that I literally can't keep him unsupervised without him getting into trouble. My yard is fenced in and I have to make sure there is nothing he can destroy when he goes outside. A table, chairs, etc. Because of this, I have to keep him in a crate when I'm not home or even when I leave the house just for a few minutes which makes me feel like a bad pet owner. So far, nothing has seemed to be working to stop him from being destructive and I am desperate. He gets plenty of exercise daily. I will be purchasing an E-collar as I've been doing extensive research on the product and feel it would be useful for other parts of my training, but would it be wrong to also use it to teach him what he's not allowed to grab? Thank you

Cindy's Response:

When you have a dog like this I would suggest continuing with supervision and confinement. You can use an ecollar when you are there, but it's highly unlikely to carry over to being able to leave him loose without supervision especially if he's 2 years old. He's likely had enough repetitions of being destructive to override any type of correction when you are not there. He may also be doing this because he's anxious about being alone in which case corrections will amplify the anxiety. I would continue to use the crate when you can't watch him. Don't feel bad about confining him. Unfortunately there are quite a few dogs out there that simply haven't earned the right to be loose without direct supervision. It's much better to crate him than to let him destroy things.

I hope this helps,
Cindy Rhodes

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Have a question for Ed & Cindy? Try the Leerburg Q&A Search. If you can't find the answer to your question by using our search engine, you can email Cindy here at Leerburg at If you have your spam filter on, make sure you set it to receive our replies!!!

Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Snap Open Bait Bags

  I've used this bag almost daily for over 2 years. Like a previous reviewer mentioned after awhile the cloth that rubs against the metal spring did wear. However, nothing lasts forever and two years of almost dally use seems reasonable. Frankly, it's still serviceable but I'm ordering another one today just for a change in color and to get a fresh bag. I like the way the bag snaps closed and have had almost zero spills with this bag.
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