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Leerburg.com June 2, 2011
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Muzzle Attacks off Object Guard with Michael Ellis and Jackson

Muzzle Attacks Off Object Guard
with Michael Ellis and Jackson

The key to training good muzzle attacks is to have a decoy that is a good actor. The decoy must convince the dog that when he gets bit by the muzzle, it hurts him. Michael Ellis is an excellent decoy and Jackson is a tough dog. In this video, you will see an excellent training session. Don't try this work without a proper muzzle and proper training. Muzzle fighting is a dangerous endeavor and not for beginners.

June 2, 2011 | 5 Minutes, 21 Seconds

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Featured Question & Answers

Question: In your experience, how effective is pepper spray in breaking up a dog fight?

Hello Ed and Cindy,

In your experience, how effective is pepper spray in breaking up a dog fight?

Occasionally (say once a year) my 2 rescue boxers will fight with each other. My alpha female goes after my (much larger and younger) male. The male then has to defend himself as the female will repeatedly go after him, and he has hurt the female before. We eventually are able to break them up, but I know how foolish it is to try to break up a dog fight, especially if you are by yourself.

I have ordered your Dominant Dog collar and your Dealing With Dominant and Aggressive Dogs DVD but in the meantime, I wanted to know if having pepper spray as a back up is a good idea, just in case.


Cindy's Response:

Pepper spray or bear spray, we sell it, is a good back up, if you make sure to take wind into consideration. There is no way to predict whether the spray will be effective but it’s better than not having anything. Some dogs will be affected by it and others won’t.

Ed has written an article about what to do if you are attacked by a stray or loose dog. There is info about pepper spray in this article.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Dog Aggression.


Question: Would a bark collar help with my dog's whining?


I have bought a number of products from you recently and was very happy with my e collar, etc. Now I need an advice on another issue- whining. My 8 months Doberman female has long whining sessions, that sometimes are difficult to ignore. We try to ignore her every time when she is whining, but sometimes it is really hard especially when you are trying to work or talk on the phone, etc. She finds it hard to be left alone behind closed doors, I heard it is one of Dobermans' features, but the reality is you cannot always have a dog by your side. My question is if anti bark collar will help? Is it sensitive enough to catch whining?

Thank you,

Cindy's Response:

Hi Eugenie,

First of all, thanks for your business. We truly appreciate it.

The bark collar will correct SOME whining. Whether it will work for your dog or not, I can’t predict. It’s definitely worth a try. We recommend the Tri-tronics Bark Limiter.

I don’t know if she is crate trained, but I would recommend using a crate on a regular basis and increasing the structure and leadership in and around the house. Pack Structure for the Family Pet

I’d also caution you that this sounds like a mild form of separation anxiety, and it can & will escalate if not extinguished. we also have a Q&A section on separation anxiety that may help you.

You can also search our website on whining, you may get some additional ideas there. there is a search box in the upper left corner of each page of Leerburg.com

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Barking & Whining.


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Nice Emails from Customers
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Thank you so much for the wealth of information you provide! I bought the Tri-Tronics bark limiting collar from you guys a while back and your statement of "we only sell products that work" is so true! That bark limiting collar gave me my sanity back. My GSD mix is a rescue and had huge (and loud) separation anxiety problems. Having the collar on him to say "no" when I wasn't there truly made everyone happier and less stressed. If I could come through the computer and give you a hug I would! Thank you.



We’ve received the muzzle that you helped me with and will begin working with it this evening.

I wanted to thank you for your help. I would have chosen a longer muzzle than what you recommended, but I can see now how it will sit on her nose without obstructing her line of sight.

Thank you for steering me in the right direction and for expediting my order. You were extremely helpful and truly appreciated.


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