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  June 6, 2013
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Noise Complaint

Noise Complaint

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Question: My female was bred to my male and she had a false pregnancy. Is it safe to breed her again or will she have another false pregnancy?

Good Morning Cindy,

My 2 year old female was bred to my male (1 tie) and she had a false pregnancy. Vet said I could try again she is in good health otherwise.  I have been researching the issue and have read conflicting information, some say yes it is safe to try again, others saying false pregnancy will happen again. My female has leerburg breeding on her 5 generation pedigree stormfront on her 3rd. Have you ever experienced false pregnancy and if you have, have you had success in a second attempt or is it best to have her spayed? Of course my main concern is health.

vet said he has seen it happen in first heats, but this was not her first heat. I waited for her to reach appropriate breeding age before I tried. If it helps, the male had not bred before either. It was first for both dogs.

Thank you so much for any advice you have to offer :)

Cindy's Response:

False pregnancies are normal for some dogs. I have some dogs that experience this after every heat cycle if they are not bred. The tendency for false pregnancies doesn’t seem to affect the female’s ability to get pregnant, in my experience.  Your timing may have been off for the breeding.

I would recommend finding a good repro vet and having a thorough reproductive exam done before trying again.
The reproduction specialist we use does a scope, culture and ultrasound of the female. I’d also recommend a thyroid test for both of your dogs, as a slight thyroid dysfunction can affect fertility.

Good luck with the dogs.

Cindy Rhodes

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Dear Ed Frawley, 

I once contacted Cindy in an email about a year ago about my GSD mix that I acquired from her owner after she turned 6 years old. She is now 7 and with the help of your DVDs and website I have been able to help her with her dog agression a lot. She still has a few problems and will never be "cured" but she can now be managed. She has a well fitting muzzle that I trained her to accept with your help. I can't thank you enough for all that you do. I have 4 dogs with Suki and all can be safe. Again thank you so much, it's been a long year but well worth it.

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