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June 8, 2015
Leerburg Online University
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Decoy Work with Kevin Bain

Last week, Kevin Bain stopped by Leerburg to do some Mondioring training with Cindy’s young Malinois, Favor. Kevin is a very talented decoy and trainer who is doing some impressive work in the sport of Mondioring. If you train in ring sports and ever have an opportunity to work with Kevin, you will not be disappointed. Kevin has trained and titled his own dogs at the upper levels of Mondio, and he has also assisted several other trainers and their dogs to achieve their goals in ringsport. While Kevin was here, we also had the opportunity to test out a new bitesuit. The 2nd part of this video is Jeff Frawley working a German Shepherd in a new “one size fits all” suit. This was the first time taking a bite on this new suit so it is still a little bit stiff.

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Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience with Ed Frawley

Ed, I have more of a statement to say then a question. I have a 2 1/2 yr old German Shepherd and a 14 week old one. With the oldest one I did what you said many people do. I took her to obedience classes to try and fix the management and pack structure problems in her that were created because I did not understand. My husband was working out of state and it was just she and I most of the time. Lets just say she had me trained well. What I want to say here is that I purchased several of the DVDs you have produced and watched them over and over. You teach with such clarity that it makes a novice like me able to really understand. It is so exciting to see our new puppy growning up with us implementing what we have learned from you. He was crate trained within 2 days. He gives me such quick and intent eye contact it is almost startling. I have finished the first week of this class and am really looking forward to what I will be learning in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us at such a reasonable price.

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: Is it recommended to NOT keep a puppy from a mother's litter? Also, my vet said the first set of puppy shots is not needed. What are your thoughts?


I have 2 questions- my dog has given birth to 6 gorgeous healthy pups. Samoyed x husky - the pregnancy was planned. She is 2 and I would love to keep a puppy. Is it recommended to NOT keep a puppy from a mother's litter?? Also, our local vet said there is no evidence now days to show puppies need the 6-8 week vaccination, they only need the 8-12 weeks then the 12-16 weeks one. I was sure they need 3 in total, but he gave me info saying only 2 times worth of injections.

Your help would be greatly appreciated :)

Cindy's Response:

I see absolutely no reason why you should not keep a puppy from your litter. My 4 year old competition dog, Rush, is from my last litter I had with my own female Malinois.

If you want to keep one of your puppies, you should do so.

I think you have a rare gem of a vet, who is more up to date on current vaccination protocols. Your vet is absolutely correct, most vets over vaccinate puppies which can lead to many serious health issues for the dog. Personally, I think the later you vaccinate the puppies the better and I don't vaccinate my own personal dogs at all but waiting until about 10- 12 weeks is the best option if you are going to do puppy shots. The puppies are protected by immunity they receive through their mother’s milk until about 12 weeks of age (or longer).

You could read our information on vaccinosis here.

I hope this helps,
Cindy Rhodes

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