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June 10, 2013
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Basic Suit Presentation and Targeting

Basic Suit Presentation and Targeting

This short excerpt from our upcoming DVD titled Basic Suit Presentation and Targeting with Mark Keating is taken directly from the DVD. In this short video, Mark discusses and demonstrates the first presentation method for targeting the front of the leg.

June 10, 2013   |   3 Minutes, 4 Seconds


We receive a number of emails each week asking for updates on our Border Terrier, Stella, so here is the latest. Stella & Cindy attended an AKC dog show in Fargo, ND the first weekend of June. Stella was shown in conformation and won her class each day for a total of 3 Championship points. She was also Best of Winners the second day which was a nice surprise.  Stella has only taken 2 conformation classes and had never attended an AKC dog show before but because of all the engagement training she’s had it was very easy for her to remain on task. We had a friend of ours from Canada handle her in the ring and she did really well. It appears that Stella would like to be a show dog, so we’re going to let her continue. As long as she’s enjoying it we’ll see what happens.

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Question: My mom's 13 year old dog has been a biter since he was a pup. He is my mom's master and has bitten her several times severely enough to require trips to urgent care. Any thoughts or advice?


I'm looking for advice regarding my 75 year old mom and her 13 year old miniature schnauzer mix dog. Her dog, since a pup, has been a biter, snipper, growler, barker, etc. not to mention overly aggressive. He has to date biten my mom several times resulting in trips to the urgent care or Dr. She is slower to recover from wounds as the most recent was a day ago. My response has been to put the dog down because I don't see how he can be trained after all these years from bad breeding to bad training, etc. He is my mom's master, not the other way around. She is passive and excuses his behavior constantly, not to mention, blames herself for his bad behavior. He sleeps with her and she will rearrange her entire lifestyle to accommodate her dog. She has her own place with a doggy door and fenced yard. He attacks if disciplined for peeing in the house (even with a doggy door), if you touch him the wrong way, if you come near his food bowl or treat and so on. Any thoughts or advice? TY

Cindy's Response:

Unless your mom is willing to make HUGE changes, nothing I can recommend will help.

Allowing a dog to be a tyrant in a home for years is unbelievably common but unless the person enabling the dog is willing to do what it takes to change the situation it’s usually futile.

Personally, I’d take away every privilege this dog has. He’d be in a crate or on a leash 24/7. No more dog door, no more furniture.

I’d get him a muzzle and make him wear it. We also have a number of eBooks, which include topics that may help you.

It’s actually unfair to a dog to allow them to behave like this, because it’s usually the dog that pays the price in the long term (euthanasia).

For dog owners that want to put in the work, we also have some videos that can help.
Pack Structure for the Family Pet
Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs

Cindy Rhodes

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The folks at leerburg are wonderful!! Customer service impeccable!! Came from old yank and crank training years ago and since having found them nearly 5 years ago learned a whole new world for my dogs and I. One in which my life is easier and my dogs are far much happier and eager to work and listen. Leerburg along with Michael Ellis are an invaluable asset to the entire dog training world. Their knowledge extensive and compassion immeasurable. I am forever grateful for having found them!!

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