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  June 13, 2013
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Decoy Training with Mark Keating in Slow Motion

Decoy Training with Mark Keating in Slow Motion

This short video was filmed at Red Star Kennels during Mark Keating’s decoy seminar. The techniques used in this video are taught in Leerburg's series of DVDs with Mark Keating.

June 13, 2013   |   4 Minutes, 52 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: I'm training my dog for competition obedience and he is trained through utility. He anticipates recalls when my back is turned and breaks when I leave, putting him back in place makes him worse. Do you have any ideas?

I own a golden retriever that has been trained through utility but is not ring ready. He is a high boy that anticipates his recalls when my back is turned. He fidgets at the set up point and explodes when I walk across the expanse of the ring. Putting him back into place only makes this much worse. Any ideas?
Thank you

Cindy's Response:

You need to go back to basics and work on distance one increment at a time.  I would leave him, turn my back and then go back and feed him in place, then two steps, then one step, then 3 steps.   Fixing issues like this always takes longer than working thru it slowly the first time.  I would also not work any recalls at all from this set up for a LONG time.  Don't think about recalls at all, only stability.

If need be, have a light line on him and have someone behind him simply hold the line so if he breaks he can't get to you.

It really helps if dogs like this know and understand markers and touch pads.  I use a touch pad to teach a sit, down and stand stay. 

The Power of Training with Food

Cindy Rhodes

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On Leerburg's Standard Working Leather Dog Muzzle

I had order two of these muzzles and I have to say I am very very impressed. The quality of this muzzle is way more than I had ever expected it to be. :) The leather on it is even great. They look good, fit great and look like they can handle just about anything!

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