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June 18, 2012
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How to Fit a Prong Collar

How to Fit a Prong Collar

Jeff discusses how to properly fit a prong collar.

June 18, 2012   |   3 Minutes, 45 Seconds

Leerburg Chrome
Prong Collars
Herm Sprenger
Chrome Prong Collar
Curogan Prong Collar
Leerburg Chrome Prong Collar
Regular Price $7.98 - 14.30
Herm Sprenger Chrome Prong Collar
Regular Price $14.00 - 22.00
Curogan Prong Collar
Regular Price $45.00 - 58.00
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Working Malinois Puppies

Male Working Malinois Puppy Available!

Edge v. Kaiserhaus (Rush) MR1, OFA Excellent has been bred to Red Star Deja Nira FR2 OFA Good. Rush & Deja are athletic, versatile working dogs that are also full time family dogs. We expect high drive, social & willing pups, with excellent gripping behavior and athleticism. Rush & Deja compete and participate in Mondioring, French Ring, dock diving, Agility, obedience and nosework.

Puppies were born May 22, 2012. There is one male still available. Please email Cindy cindyr@leerburg.com if you're interested.
Leerburg Q&A

Question: My dog hates sardines, how do I get him to eat them?

Good Morning,

We are raw feeding our 5 month GSD. He absolutely hates sardines. We have tried food processing, blending, whole frozen raw, chopped raw, and mixing them with all sorts of foods. No results... Any suggestion would be appreciated ...Thanks



I wouldn’t worry about it, I have some dogs that go through their entire lives hating fish of any kind. While it’s a great protein source, it’s not that big of a deal if your pup doesn’t like it.

Maybe try a different type of fish (i.e. mackerel)?

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Feeding Dogs.

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Customer Comments

on Leerburg's LED Dog Discuit

This is AWESOME. I love it. I am disabled and have to exercise my service dog by playing retrieve games. I really like to exercise her at night before bed so she will sleep longer and better. I love having a visible frisbee for night time exercise. The one I got before this was a flashing one but it didn't stay flashing long and I would sometimes have to go around with the flash light to locate it. This one stays lit until I push the button off. My lab sometimes will take a detour through her little pool and it has done well with being submersed. Unlike her cloth one which is drenched when she gives it to me...the water just drips off this. It is easy to handle (my hands don't work well) and light enough to toss far. The dog loves being able to find it easily. We have so much fun with this I have ordered another one. It is durable and fun. CAUTION: do not leave this toy with a dog unattended as it has tiny batteries in the middle. I love this toy!!

The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

In the fall of 2012, Michael Ellis will be moving his school for dog trainers to Santa Rosa, CA. The new location is much larger than his current location and will allow Michael to add additional classes and courses to the curriculum. In early 2013, Michael is planning to add a course for military veterans. This course will be specifically tailored to veterans who are getting out of the military.

Read more for additional information and dates.

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