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  June 20, 2013
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Question: I have a question about drinking water as it pertains to the groundwork/pack structure phase of training.

I have a question about drinking water as it pertains to the groundwork/pack structure phase of training. I work nights 9pm - 7 am. When I get home at 7, I wait about 20 minutes and then feed my dog. Regarding water, should I keep water in the crate when the dog is in the crate? Or should I put a dish of water in the crate several times a day and then take the dog out to go pottie after they have drank? What would you do?

Cindy's Response:

I would probably make sure the dog had water in the crate UNLESS I was having housetraining issues or real dominance problems in which case I would offer water on a regular basis when I was present. You could also add water to the food to make sure the dog is staying hydrated.

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Pano Article

Hi Ed,

Our eight month old doberman was suffering with pano. We were pretty sure it was pano due to reading up on it, but were willing for vets to do xrays to make sure there was nothing broke or fractured. The xray confirmed our suspisions and we were given pain relief for her. It was sad to watch our beautiful loving puppy suffer so much. So on searching for more info on pano, came across your page. We followed your advice about stopping the puppy food and the MSM, etc. and we have noticed a vast improvement within 2 days. Although coco is not out of the woods yet, her pain has eased tenfold and we will be prepared if she has another bout of pano. I am so pleased I followed your advise and would like to thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom.

Thanks again,

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