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June 23, 2014
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An Interview with Forrest Micke

An Interview with Forrest Micke

Get to know one of Leerburg Online University's instructors, Forrest Micke.

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Student Comment on the Teaching Engagement Skills Course

The course has met its Aims and Objectives in my view; I would not change what is a comprehensive and concise explanation of what the course is all about: developing engagement and understanding the process of being able to achieve this goal.

A lot of thought and development has been put into the course content, from the very beginning at the introduction and explanation of understanding of terminology used throughout the course content, to seeing the results that are achievable by better understanding and developing the skills explained. Putting into practice the learnt skills and seeing the rewards that it brings to the relationship between oneself and the dog.

A must introduction course for all owners / handlers new and old, well done.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Leather Puppy Leash

I bought this lead about 5 years ago for my Border Terrier puppy. It is a wonderful lead, better now than when it was new! It's strong, supple, and comfortable to use, and is the perfect size for a small, but powerful dog. It has been drug through just about everything; mud, weeds, ocean water, ponds, you name it. Rinse the crud off, wipe it off, and you'd never know it had touched the ground. I treated it with Neet's Foot Oil a few times when it was new, and now it is pretty much water proof. There may be another Border Terrier puppy coming into my world, and when it does, another one of these leads will come with it. I've never found anything as good, in this size.

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