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June 25, 2015
Leerburg Online University
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Philosophy of Dogmanship - Success for your Small Dog with Josh Moran

Philosophy of Dogmanship - Success for your Small Dog
with Josh Moran

This course is not intended to be an all-encompassing course on training a dog from start to finish, but more so a course on how to address many of the issues that we run into that seem to be more specific to smaller sized dogs.

Throughout the course, I will refer to many of these dogs as small. The thing that is important to keep in mind, is that I am referring to the dogs physical size ONLY! I am not referring to the somewhat pervasive tendency to categorize smaller sized dogs as being less intelligent, less willing to work or learn, or less in general. This "small dog" mentality is something that I want to help change with this course, and I will continue to try and change as many minds as possible when it comes to how we interact, live with, and train these little beasts!

We're going to get into a lot of fun and important information in this course, so strap in and bring your tiny terror along for the ride!

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Leerburg's Teaching Engagement Skills with Forrest Micke

I would like to leave feedback on Forrest Micke. I have taken the following three courses from Forrest; Engagement Skills, Heeler Toolbox Beginner, and Heelers Toolbox Intermediate. I would, and often do, highly recommend his classes. He gets you by making the class energetic and fun to watch. My favorite thing about Forrest class is its all meat and no filler. I don't have a lot of time and he gets right to the skills in a very clear step by step method that makes both the handler and the dog feel successful. Forrest has a real eye for breaking down what he sees on the video assignments and giving clear suggestions on how to move forward. Even as a trainer with some experience I found his beginner Heelers Tool Box Class very helpful in fixing some of the holes in my training. I look forward to taking the Advanced Heelers Toolbox course with Forrest. Thank you

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Question: Would a bark collar help with my dog's whining?


I have bought a number of products from you recently and was very happy with my e collar, etc. Now I need an advice on another issue- whining. My 8 months Doberman female has long whining sessions, that sometimes are difficult to ignore. We try to ignore her everytime when she is whining, but sometimes it is really hard especially when you are trying to work or talk on the phone, etc. She finds it hard to be left alone behind closed doors, I heard it is one of Dobermans' features, but the reality is you cannot always have a dog by your side. My question is if anti bark collar will help? Is it sensitive enough to catch whining?

Thank you,

Cindy's Response:

Hi Eugenie,

First of all, thanks for your business. We truly appreciate it.

The bark collar will correct SOME whining. Whether it will work for your dog or not, I can’t predict. It’s definitely worth a try. We recommend the Garmin Bark Limiter.

I don’t know if she is crate trained, but I would recommend using a crate on a regular basis and increasing the structure and leadership in and around the house. Try Pack Structure for the Family Pet.

I’d also caution you that this sounds like a mild form of separation anxiety, and it can & will escalate if not extinguished. We also have a Q&A section on separation anxiety that may help you.

You can also search our website on whining, you may get some additional ideas there. There is a search box in the upper right corner of each page of

I hope this helps,
Cindy Rhodes

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On Leerburg's Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bed

  Package arrived yesterday without the slightest problem! The Kuranda Bed we could put together also without problems and one of my Pits has immediately occupied it. The second one also claimed to sit on it, but of course it's not big enough for two to lie down. We wanted to test first, if it proves worth, now we will soon order two more. Just fabulous, and seems to be Pitbull-proof! The first dog bed out of 13, which survived half a day and a whole night!
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