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July 2, 2012
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Police K9 Not Outing Off the Bite

Police K9 Not Outing Off the Bite

Ed Frawley answers a question from a Leerburg customer who is a police k9 handler having trouble with his dog on the out. Ed explains what he must do to back track his training by returning to the basics and fundamentals of bite work.

July 2, 2012   |   6 Minutes, 17 Seconds

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Leerburg Q&A

Question: My dog growls when we play tug, is this bad?

Hi, I have watched both The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog and Advanced Concepts in Motivation. I am a couple of weeks into implementing the techniques with my own dog and I have a question about growling--is it good or bad that she growls when we tug? If it's a bad thing, how do I address the issue?

When I release the tug and run away from her she comes charging back to at me--she will even jump towards me with the toy in her mouth. She growls while we are tugging, while she is jumping at me with the toy in her mouth, and when I hold the toy steady

I don't remember Michael Ellis covering this in the DVDs, but if he did, could you tell me where to find it? Or perhaps there is a relevant article or Q&A that I overlooked on your site. Thank you very much for all the help. The DVDs are great! Worth every penny.


Some dogs are vocal when they play. As long as she is playing well, I wouldn’t worry about it.

It sounds like she’s having a great time. :)

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Playing Tug.

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Customer Comments

on Leerburg's Orbee-Tuff Ball

I have had 4 large sizes of these. I have not bought any ball in my local pet stores that last more then a week but my GS has not been able to hurt these in any way.

The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

In the fall of 2012, Michael Ellis will be moving his school for dog trainers to Santa Rosa, CA. The new location is much larger than his current location and will allow Michael to add additional classes and courses to the curriculum. In early 2013, Michael is planning to add a course for military veterans. This course will be specifically tailored to veterans who are getting out of the military.

Read more for additional information and dates.

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