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July 2, 2015
Leerburg Online University
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K9 GoDog

K9 GoDog Sports Drink

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Leerburg's Heeler's Toolbox I with Forrest Micke

We had so much fun with this weeks homework! This really is where the rubber hits the road and all the work we have done in the previous course is the perfect prep for this.

The idea of two barrels is too good. This will let me take the heeling out on the field without a wall. The idea of starting little stretches of straight lines in between the barrels is also too good.

Thanks so much for these easy to perform and really effective exercises :)

The careful way that you build up to each new task is exceptional, it ensures that the people and the dog have success. You just don't let us fail:) Just too good!

P.S. all the bridge behaviours in the last class are also too good! Draga loves them and they really are becoming self reinforcing, the left spin is her fave. I use them now when I first go onto the field and she's a bit too high. It gives her some easy exercises to warm up and focus with.

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Question: Will the bark collar shock my dog when he drinks water or chews on a bone?


Hello, I am thinking of purchasing the bark limiter for my 130lb german shepherd. I will be living in a basement apartment where the family above me has a newborn and needs predictable quiet time.

With the collar on, can the dog drink water without the shock? What about chewing a bone?

Thank you for you answers.

Cindy's Response:

Dogs can eat, drink and chew on bones without issue. If they whine, growl, howl or bark the collar will correct them but ordinary activities should be fine.

I hope this helps,
Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's K9 Peak Muscle

  This is by far the best powder on the market! I have personally used this over a year on all my dogs. We raise and breed XL American Pit Bulls. We feed an all natural, holistic and raw diet along with strong workout regimens. Adding Peak Muscle really gave my dogs the edge we needed to showcase the hard work we put into our program.
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