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Putting Up the Flag

Putting Up the Flag

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Student Comment on the Basic Dog Obedience Course

Wow! For weeks I have been in such a conundrum about my 90 pound, 9 month old, GSD that became BOSS of my world out of my sheer ignorance of EVERYTHING about dogs. But today I am excited for the first time in months. I bought this course out of desperation and fear of the monster that was growing in my house and what to do next. He has had 7 months to take over me and my home and I didn't even realize what was happening.

Today, after completing the first week in a couple of days, I have hope I can keep and my manage this dog I have so come to love. Let me rephrase that; I KNOW I CAN manage and keep my German Shepherd after week one with Ed. Thank you Ed Frawley for your love and knowledge of dogs and sharing it with us! I very much look forward to the remainder of the course.

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: I want to get into Schutzhund with my new pup and I have kids, will this training make my dog mean?

I have two questions. I have trained and field trailed bird dogs since being a young boy. I now would like to get into Schutzhund. I am concerned because I have kids and did not know if this makes a dog mean to where it would bite or if they just do it on command as part of the game.

The second question is that I have an eight week old shepherd. I just finished watching the ME video of training with food. Can you tell me which videos I need to do next and do I need the tug video if I get the foundation of bite work video?

Cindy's Response:

Here is a video I found on our site using the search term "family dog."

If done properly training a dog for Schutzhund (now called IPO) or any other sport should not affect the dog's ability to be a good family dog.  It's a sport, like a martial arts competition for dogs. 

For puppies, I follow these videos at first:
The Power of Training with Food (which you already have viewed)
The Foundation of Puppy Bite Work
Training the Recall

Once the pup is done teething:
The Power of Playing Tug
Teaching Protection Skills without a Decoy
Focused Heeling
Training the Retrieve with Michael Ellis
Training the Jumps
Training the Send Away

I'd also recommend Competition Tracking (that can start now) 

I hope this helps
Cindy Rhodes


Thank you so much 

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Customer Comments
On Leerburg's ComfortFlex Limited Slip Collar
  I don't normally walk my dog with a collar, preferring to use the Comfort Flex Sport Harness. However, on those occasions when I do use a collar to walk my 60-lb lab mix, I use this one. First, my dog cannot wriggle out of it. if I have to hand my dog off to another person (vet's office, groomer, day care, the Hubs, etc.), I appreciate the security of knowing my dog will not escape the collar. Second, it is padded. And third, it provides a measure of control as it tightens against my dog's neck if she exerts pressure on the leash which is her cue to back off. This is not a collar to leave on the dog all the time as the slip portion can get caught on objects or snagged in a crate. To clean it, just toss it in the wash and let it air dry.    
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